Spring Clean To Make Way For Spring Trends

With spring now properly in the air it is time for a change in many of our wardrobes. With a whole new collection of styles and colours that are set to be on trend for spring and summer in 2013 there will need to be some new purchases bought. Of course as the saying goes ‘out with the old and in with the new’ you need to get rid or move the old stuff first.

As well as new trends to look out for, this season brings with it a useful term which can spur on a change – ‘spring cleaning’. Going through all of the items boxed and bagged away in your bedroom and getting rid of old stuff just means you have more room to put new things there! It might not be the must fun way to spend the day however if April showers hit then why would you want to venture outside and get wet? This weather would be great inspiration to spend a whole day getting everything out and getting rid; vacuuming along the way to make sure it is dust free and tidy of course.

After boxes of books and teddies have been sorted, move onto your wardrobe. Make sure to try everything on and if you still like it, but it’s a bit wintry box it away, and if you don’t like it simply bag it up to sell or give to a charity shop. The same will go for any shoes and bags. Another place that you should go through is your jewellery box. There will probably be a number of necklaces that are tangled up that you don’t wear anymore that you can easily get rid of, and again making more space for new accessories.

Spring TrendsShops on the high street and online are all getting rid of winter stock by hosting sales at the moment, making way for the new stock of spring inspired fashions to arrive. A couple of looks to watch out for are jeans and pastel shades. Jeans are a staple piece of any wardrobe and never go out of fashion, however this season they are even more fashionable and there are a great range to choose from across lots of stores including New Look.

Pastel shades are reminiscent of spring and the faded look of the colours give off an elegant and pretty feel. Pale pinks and greens will be seen in many womens designer jewellery pieces including the new opal stone designs from Jon Richard. Matching jeans with pastel shades will work brilliantly too and all these ideas can inspire you to power through the cleaning and treat yourself to a shopping spree afterwards!

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