Taking Photographs of Guests during Wedding

Normally, during weddings, photography of the couple in different ways is given the prime attention. But it is also important to take photographs of guests during the wedding. Such kind of photographs when viewed later reflects the feelings of the guests on specific moments during the wedding. But on what specific moments photographs should be taken and in what way, is described as follows:

(1)   Guests Arrival:

Time after time, when guests are arriving, their photographs should be taken. When the guests take their first step in the hall, on that specific moment their picture should be taken and such kind of photographs will simply reflect their feelings of joy on seeing the beautiful decoration of the wedding hall at first sight. Then when they are meeting with the hosts of the evening after entering the marriage hall, on that particular moment their photograph should be taken and such photographs will simply reflect the fact that how delighted the hosts are to receive their worthy guests and at the same time it will also reflect the feelings of the guests on becoming a part of such auspicious occasion.

(2)   Before the couple’s arrival:

Usually, during weddings before the arrival of couple, guests are sitting and discussing the arrangements of wedding hall and its beauty. Apart from that, they are also anxiously waiting for the couple to arrive. So, different photographs should be taken on that particular moment which would simply reflect the fact that how overjoyed the guests are feeling on watching the beautiful decorations of the wedding hall. And at the same time these photographs when seen later on by the couple will let them know that how anxiously the guests were actually waiting for them to arrive at the wedding hall.

(3)   When the couple arrives:
All of the guests are normally found in big smiles, when the couple arrives so photographs should be taken on that particular moment and it would simply reflect the feelings of excitement of everyone on watching the couple. During that specific moment many guests will also be found discussing this thing with each other that how beautiful the couple appears to be on that occasion. These photographs serve as a fine proof of the fact that how guests were feeling on becoming a part of such a wonderful occasion.

(4)   On meeting the couple:

Definitely, the guests will move towards the stage and greet the couple on such special occasion. So when guests are meeting the couple, photographs must be taken onthose specific moments. These photographs will show the feelings of couple that how pleased they were to see so many guests on such occasion.

(5)   While eating food:
When the guests are enjoying food during the evening, at that time various photographs of them must be taken.

(6)   When the guests are leaving:

When the guests are leaving the hall, their pictures should be taken on that specific moment when they are meeting the hosts (i.e. the parents of the groom), on watching the facial expressions of guests in such photographs one will come to know their level of satisfaction and happiness on becoming a part such occasion.

Lastly, such photographs should be saved in a photo album in proper order i.e. the photos of arrival of guests should be placed first, second when they are waiting for couple to arrive, third on seeing the arrival of couple, fourth when they are meeting the couple and lastly their departure. In addition, since there would be so many photographs, it might be difficult to place all of them on the album, so it would be better to print various photos on large canvas prints and then place them in the album or display on the wall of your bedroom.

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Tom Andersonis a dedicated photographer and writes on interior designing & decoration. He took photo and print on different Canvases, which looks amazing with great quality Canvas along bright colors scheme.

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