Why Jumping Is Best Exercise For Kids

Jumping is not only fun but beneficial as well. It brings physical, health and educational benefits together. The best part, it’s simple and cost-effective.

Kids can jump any time of the day and anywhere as well to keep themselves fit. Earlier, parents were not aware about benefits associated with jumping but now they do.


People of any age group can take to jumping and have a fun-filled way to achieve fitness. For kids, it is not only an exercise but a way to enjoy the day.


Why jumping is helpful for kids? 

Studies have shown over and again the connection between jumping and fitness. Ever since NASA made its findings secret in way back 70s, jumping has attained a celebrity status among the list of mild and simple exercises. A lot of other researches too have dug deep into the area.

Let’s look at some of reasons that make jumping helpful for kids –

  • It’s great for kids averse to taking part in sports or sports activities
  • Kids get a chance to do a workout even without believing the same
  • Kids learn to control the movement of their body
  • Physical flexibility and improved postures are some of other benefits of jumping

Jumping benefits for kids

Although jumping is not safe for babies, kids between 2 to 8 should start doing it and get a lot of benefits in the process. It’s one of those rare workouts that combines fun and fitness together.


Here are some of major jumping benefits for kids –

Healthy heart

Jumping is a cardiovascular exercise and its gives the heart a healthy and organic workout. So, you can encourage your kid to do this fun exercise and make their heart healthy.

Stronger core

When kids jump, it involves virtually all major muscle groups in the body. The core muscles are used to do jump and land alike. This is how the core is strengthened.

Stronger muscles and bones

Jumping motions tend to be strenuous in nature involving major muscles and bone in the body. With simultaneous impact and flex to keep the body go up and land, muscles and bones are bound to get stronger.


Improved coordination

Jumping helps kids understand their body better. They develop better coordination overall and lead a rewarding life. Both side of the brain and body work together to maintain balance and coordination.

Weight loss

Obesity is a major health issue among kids worldwide caused largely in the absence of physical mobility. Jumping is great help to tackle weight issues or it’s very helpful in weight loss. Kids can do this easy workout and burn a lot of calories on a daily basis.

Stronger lymphatic system

Kids can jump to stimulate the lymphatic system. This way, the amount of toxins in the body are managed. And when toxins are managed well, it helps keep diseases away to a large extent.

Leaner body

Kids can jump up and down to keep their body toned up. A leaner body is possible with jumping as cardiovascular exercises are good for physical motion. More so, a flexible body is always a fit and leaner body.

Improved learning

Jumping is fun. Kids doing it are found happy and joyous all the time. With happiness comes easy of learning. So, those who jump are good at study as they grasp things easier and often excel at studies. All this due to the presence of a mood-enhancing substance that gets produced when we jump.

In overall, jumping is a wonderful workout for kids and if they do it regularly, they will surely get a whole lot of health and physical benefits together.

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