7 Most Effective Ways to Treat Oily Skin

If there is one good news about oily skin, it’s that people with oily skin types tend to wrinkle and age at a slower rate than those who have dry skin.  The bad news is that oily skin is so much more prone to blemishes and skin infections, and it also makes makeup harder to put on and keep on.

How to treat oily skin

Hormonal changes, seasonal climate change, harsh products, alcohol, heavy cosmetics and incompatible products can all lead to oily skin.  If you can’t seem to manage your oily skin, the seven ways to treat it listed below might help you get your greasy face under control.


  1. Schedule a consultation and ask for prescription. Chances are, you’ve been trying out over-the-counter solutions to your oily skin.  After several trials and no result, it is no longer reasonable to hop on to another product and desperately hope it works.  It’s time to get expert opinion most especially if your oily skin is accompanied by acne caused by these-these 7 daily habits.  Some topicals are simply more effective when they’re prescription only, you might be surprised.
  1. Ask your doctor about Isotretinoin. Also known by its brand, Accutane, this prescription-only drug is almost like an SOP for acne treatment but, some physicians also recommend low doses for people with overly active oil glands.  Usually, the prescribed use is just 10 mg, twice weekly intake but, only your doctor can give the directions and you should stick with it.
  1. Chemical Peel. Also known as facial peels is a superficial medical peel aided by low doses of glycolic and salicylic acids can provide you with the grease-cutting solution you need without being too harsh on your skin. A little bit more may be prescribed if your oily skin is accompanied by acne.  Just maks sure to adhere to post-treatment directions so you can avoid causing more harm to your skin.
  1. Oil cleanse. Surprise! Surprise!  Applying oil can stop your skin from over compensating for dryness or lost oil.  If you already have oil on your skin, it doesn’t need to produce more.  Oil is also said to draw out hardened, excess sebum from your clogged pores more effectively.  Use osmetic grade essential oils for best results.
  1. Apply sheer, lightweight, oil-free moisturizer. Dry skin will cause you more grease.
  1. Milk of Magnesia. Inexpensive and easily available, the magnesium hydroxide component of this liquid clears out your pores and minimizes them so your skin becomes less prone to infection and breakouts.  It not only then makes your skin less oily, you also get a nice, smooth complexion.
  1. Cleanse skin with mild cleanser twice daily. Use mild facial cleansers that have alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids written on the labels.  Avoid overwashing. Use only lukewarm water, avoid washing with very cold or very hot water which can dry out your skin and cause it to become oilier.


Dealing with oily skin can be tough, and these tips can help you finally get the grease off.  Reinventing your lifestyle can help too. Be more active, eat healthier, sleep better and stop smoking.

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Kelly Everson is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a health article writer who has written numerous articles/online journals on stretch marks, pregnancy, sleep disorders and joint pain problems. She is also passionate about writing on Makeup, Beauty and Fashion.

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