10 Ways to Have Beautiful Skin This Summer

Wear sunscreen – Beach parties are fun—no questions asked but, they’re no fun if you’re damaging your skin. Get your sunscreen on and do everything you can to shield your skin from the sun — you heard that right, sunglasses, caps or hats and bikini toppers to cover your most parts of your skin but still show your beautiful bikinis underneath of course! For people with sensitive skin, no need to worry as there are lots of guides on how to choose a sunscreen for sensitive skin.

Relieve sun – soaked skin with cold cream and shea butter. Sunburned or not, soothe and calm skin after spending a day under the sun. Just the heat evaporating from the sand and the warm wind blowing are more than enough to stress out your skin, all the more reason to baby your skin with deep moisturization if you soaked under the sun.


Try self-tanning – Stop damaging your skin under the sun! Nobody in their right mind sunbathes anymore. Get that sun-kissed skin by using self-tanning lotions! Aren’t you happy to know you can have your tan on days before you even hit the beach?

Bathe frequently most especially after sweating hard. Keep heat rash out by keeping your skin cool, clean and dry all the time.

Keep your skin clean and clear from impurities. Get the impurities, including the sand off of your skin. Stop those blemishes and irritations from appearing at all!

Exfoliate – Do this a week before you hit the beach, and never the night before you do! Get that clean, fresh look with a quick exfoliation right in your home toilet.

Drink plenty of water – Keep your skin from drying out from within. Drink water as much and as often as you can.

Eat well – Eat water-rich foods including fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges and watermelons to keep your body, including your skin, well-hydrated from within. Stay away from salty foods which may dehydrate your body and even cause you to bloat (bye, bye bikinis!). Load up on antioxidants. Drink up those fresh fruits smoothies and enjoy the flavors of the season with the objective of getting your skin glowing. Get yourself a cup or two of green tea or black tea.

Exercise – Nothing else can give you a naturally glowing and radiant skin than exercise. You don’t need to be scheduled to hit the beach in a few weeks to go running a mile! Do this every day, and you’ll be sure to rock your bikini body even when it’s not summer.

Try to get sufficient sleep – Beach equals party — we know but, your skin does not understand that. Try to get as much sleep as you can even while on vacation or, don’t be surprised to see a zit on your second day of stay.


There may be no more untold secret to obtaining great looking skin but, there are ways to intensify your skincare regimen to get pretty to the nth degree this vacation season.

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