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Look Pretty At A Salon

Look and feel Pretty In the Salon

If you’re going to take the effort to nap, possibly the best steps you can take is almost always to relax for a place where an individual will handle you and also make you look fresher and a lot more beautiful. Where would be that place? For the hair and facial salon and spa, undoubtedly.


Nowadays beauty salons and spas at the moment are popular, today some rice it was actually considered a luxury that only a number of people have access to too. It’s the right place to search if you would like to wind down yourself, or get yourself more beautiful. Everyone can check out a beauty shop and spa chill out and buy their own bodies and beauty services now.
Look Pretty At A Salon

An elegance salon and spa usually make their it actually possible to feel much better contained in the product while looking really beautiful. Men and women can savor the services on the beauty spa and salon. Historically, it turned out mostly women who want about making themselves look more beautiful, except for anymore. Have realized how feeling good and relaxed can aid increase their good looks, and the way they may get it done with a spa and salon.

Hair salon and spa have a great deal of services this really is committed to your hair, nails and face. A beauty salon having spa also provides relaxing massages for the body. There are numerous of which who offers foot spa and massage for people who prefer to lengthy feet the chance to relax looking for a long day. You may as well go to a spa tub for services such as. Particularly people plan to look beautiful after the relaxing massage, a beauty salon and spa can take proper care you.

Some beauty salon and spa in addition provide flower garden body wax as well as analysts also have tanning salons. There are numerous of other services you can buy which may take care of every aspect of your body, within your hair, performed to claws of one’s extremities.

If you’re the call to overall look and feeling lovely and gorgeous, never hesitate to travel to a beauty salon and spa.

Basic Makeup Tips

Basic Makeup: How to Apply? Part II

In the previous blog, you have seen how important it is to have a clean face before you actually start applying makeup.  You would also remember how one should apply a good concealer to cover the dark circles or blemishes that are there on the face.  Then of course, we have dealt with the way in which a good foundation can be applied.  In this blog, we will further see how the entire procedure of applying makeup can be taken forward.


Setting the foundation:  Come to seriously think of it, this step is extremely essential if you wish the makeup to last for a long time.  For this, you should make use of setting powder and this will help in holding the concealer and foundation in its place.  Make use of a fluffy and large brush so that you can cover the entire face in either matching or a neutral setting powder.  This becomes crucial if you are using the liquid foundation.  When you use the setting powder, it will help in removing the extra sheen from your foundation.

Basic Makeup

Applying the highlighter:  Once you are done with applying the foundation, your next move should be in the direction of applying the highlighter.  Highlighter will help in breaking the monotony of the uniform color you have achieved through applying the foundation.  You can make use of a powder or cream to highlight specific areas on your face.  For instance, you can highlight the area below your eyebrows or the inner corners of the eyes, the center of Cupid’s bow or sides of the cheekbones.  Do not do all, but choose to highlight one or two so that it looks perfect.  You could apply the highlighter with your fingers or make use of a highlighter brush too.

Contouring:   This is essential to bring out the highlights in the face.  This is a process wherein a powder is used which is just a few shades more intense than the original skin tone of the person.  Generally, contouring is needed on the hollows of the cheeks, under the cheekbones and sides of the nose.  When contouring is done in the right manner it will help a person’s face look longer and thinner in appearance.

Basic Makeup Tips

Applying a little blush:  This is the final stage in preparing your face.  Add a little bit of color to your cheeks.  Well, you should be cautious when you are choosing the color as it has to gel well with the foundation and contouring you have done.  So, do not get it heavy and go slow on the color so that it gives an overall blended look.

Filling in the eyebrows:  This may be the last step considering the condition in which your eyebrows are in.  Yes, fullness of the eyebrows does not call for much of making up.  Filling in the eyebrows is strongly recommended for those people who have sparse or thin eyebrows.  Choose an eyebrow pencil whose color is close to the color of your hair.  Outline the edges of the eyebrows and then start filling in towards the center by using a little color.  With the help of small strokes, and done in the direction of the hair growth, fill up the entire space.

Now, your face is fully ready with the basic makeup done.

Yoga enhances your beauty

Apart from its other benefits Yoga enhances your beauty as well

Beauty is an element which generally has two broad categories, the external one and the more important external one. Now, Yoga with its roots planted in the Rig-Veda looks after all sorts of physical aspects as well as the mental ones. Thus, once it comes to the enhancement of beauty, Yoga is the best suited health retreat you can go for as it is an activity which not only enhances your physique but also refreshes your mind and keeps it out of stress in this world of ever impending professionalism and stress. Then there are the health clubs which has professional trainers ready at your perusal so that you can always join and learn this old art form and draw the benefits out of it.


Once all these aspects are under control, then you can proceed to the next level, the newer innovations in the field of Yoga. Things like Aroma Yoga or ‘Yogaroma’ which is an effective fusion of two old arts; The Aroma Therapy and Yoga. The concept is like application of the essential aroma oils as per requirement and the prescriptions of the experts while the practicing Yoga. As per the stats, this has been making the Yoga classes even more effective and the clients have been reaping immense benefits out of these outstanding innovations.

Yoga enhances your beauty

If all these were discussed keeping in mind your spiritual beauty in mind there must be an entire part in the discourse which helps you in knowing how to reap off the benefits of Yoga if you want to look beautiful. In case you want to enhance the quality of your skin through this natural process, there are several postures, the knowledge of which will definitely enhance the glow and as such the quality of your skin and as such make you more beautiful than ever before.

You can primarily try out and implement basic things like ‘Kapalbharti Pranayam’ which helps you breathe you way to beauty. It is an easy posture to implement with the requirement of only 15 minutes of practice a day. Once you have mastered this, then you can go for the ‘Tadasana’ which teaches you the art of rhythmic breathing. Another very important pose is the ‘Uttanasana’ which controls the blood flow of your face and keeps your face oxidized so that you keep on looking fresh throughout the day. After all these, if you can master the ‘Bharadvaja’s Twist’, you can have an improved digestion and remove the unwanted toxic elements from your body regularly to develop a healthy and glowing skin.

There are numerous other postures such as the ‘Halashana’, ‘Shirshashana’, ‘Utkatasana’, ‘Sarvangasana’, ‘Matsyasana’, and many others which help you enhance your beauty both physically and mentally. Thus, once you have decided to go for the Yoga classes make sure that you join a reputed health club with efficient trainers so that your health retreat process is safe and secured and you can enjoy the process and your efforts to enhance your physical beauty does not become a burden.

Skin Care

Is natural skincare fashion trend or future of cosmetics industry?

We live in the era on ready-made, mass produced products, and often flirt with all things artificial, but what do we do when it comes to our health? More and more people are turning to old ways: clothes made from organic materials, hair care that includes homemade masks of egg yolks and coconut oil, and natural skincare. Without a doubt, these would not be prominent movements if they didn’t make a difference; so let’s take a look at natural skincare trend and how it can help us become healthier.


How natural is natural cosmetics?

Of course, it would be practically impossible to use skincare products that come directly from nature and are not processed at all, but there should be a label that indicates when an ingredient is too altered to be considered natural. As long as ingredients have been obtained through natural processes (physical and biological processing only), or created through use of simple technologies, they can be considered ‘natural’. The latter only applies to those technologies that can be found in any kitchen, thus keeping things as simple and natural as possible. Anything that is not biodegradable should be considered synthetic, and thus avoided.

You will be looking at brighter future

Many big companies in cosmetics industry realised the potential of natural cosmetics and have started making such products. These skin care products may not have the immediate ‘wow’ effect the synthetic ones do, but their effects last longer because they are natural. Your skin will become smoother over time, your hair healthier, your nails stronger, and your face will get the natural and healthy youthful glow. Without additional fragrances, fillers, and irritants found in synthetic cosmetics, your skin will recover and stay healthy for a long time.

Skin Care

What you see is what you get

With these cosmetic products, the golden rule applies: what you see is what you get, and there will be no unpleasant surprises later on. In my opinion you’ll never lose by investing in products such as Ultraceuticals, 100% Pure or  One Love Organics. Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients listed on the label, you will not be experiencing any of the strange side effects no matter how long you use the product. Without parabens that can mimic some of your body’s natural hormones and mess with your endocrine system, you are free to use the product for as long as you want without fear. There are plenty of natural preservatives that are completely harmless and do the job just fine.

Steer clear of…

Not all synthetic ingredients are necessarily bad; most of them add pleasant smells and make the product last longer, but there are some you should definitely avoid. Petrolatum is one of those ingredients, and can be found in many lip products. It is said to protect the sensitive lip skin from chapping and sunburn, while it actually leads to dry skin and chapping because lip skin stops moisturizing. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another common ingredients found in shampoos because it makes great foam, but it also causes dandruff and skin irritation. A list of ingredients to avoid can be found here. The best thing to do is to check the ingredients on the product you are looking to buy: the fewer there are the more likely it is that the product is natural, and therefore good for you.

It seems that if you decide to use natural cosmetics you will be spending plenty of time reading labels and trying to decipher the ingredients listed, but it is worth it. What is more, you may even try out some face masks you can easily make in your own kitchen; this way you will be sure that there are no artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals inside. Going ‘green’ and using natural products is the best way to take good care of yourself and of your health, and getting long-lasting good results is much better than getting immediate good results that wear off after a while.


5 Must To Try Beauty Tips

There are a lot of things that I have learned about taking good care of my skin. When I was working in a spa I came across women with different kind of skin problems. So I thought I should share some of those skin care tips with you girls today.


Wash Your Face Twice In A Day

Normally you must wash your face in the morning and before bed. But if you are just going to wash once, sleep time is best. Every time you do wash, you ought to wash once to get all the surface dust/oil/grime/cosmetics off, and after that suds up a second time to clean more profound into the skin.


For Great Results Use The Products In Correct Order

Personally I use a skin care kit called the Vivite. This kit includes a night cream, a day serum and a night eye cream. I also use toner, this goes first because they have small molecule that can penetrate deep in the skin. If you apply the thinner products in the end and apply thicker products first it won’t be good as the thinner products won’t be able to penetrate deep. Before I worked in the Spa I used to wash my face in the shower and then apply some lotion. But once I started using proper products in correct order I saw a huge difference.

To Contour Your Face Use Bronzer

Use a medium round brush and apply the bronzer around your cheekbones, swipe it around your neck and along your hairline and just below the eyes. Since the time I started doing this trick I never wanted to do anything else. And on a serious note, now when I see anyone in a cakey one color makeup, I get a strong urge to help those people! Lol.

Drink A Lot Of Water

This is not something new, we have been told several times to drink lots of water and there are good health reasons for it. Drinking water helps keeping your body free from toxins, which leads to clearer skin in the end. I tried really hard to drink at least eight glasses of water, but somehow I couldn’t manage more than 4-5 glasses but that is also good for me. Apart from water I can’t live without COFFEE, so the only change I have made to it is I add brown sugar in it.


Apply Mascara Straight

OK I had no idea about this tip until I read a post by Jo-Lynne. You should apply your mascara straight rather than vertical. The first time I tried it I ended up smearing it all over my eyelids but on the third try, it was perfect and looked less clump and more natural.

Author Bio:

Lesley Brown works at CustomStitchers as a style and fashion editor you will find her written pieces on fashion, health and beauty. In her free time she is probably sleeping, talking or even sometimes stalking. These days mostly she communicating with peoples through her content about tailored shirts.

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Enhancing Beauty Tips to Brighten up Your Smile

There is nothing more pleasing to see than a beautiful heartfelt bright smile. But, some people either have an amazing smile or they have to do a few beauty tweaks in order to glow. Nevertheless, with a few simple tricks, it is possible to turn an already engaging smile into perfection.


Your Lips Play an Important Role

What kind of lipstick color you use will affect your smile and how people will perceive it. Remember to avoid strong shades as they might seem too blatant and aggressive, instead, try to find a flattering lipstick. On the other hand you need to make sure that you do not apply too much or it will look clumsy and will ruin your genuine smile.

image 1

Mind Your Eye Shadow

Your eyes play a key role when smiling, and if you manage to find the perfect complement of an eye shadow, then your smile will look that much more amazing. Be careful to apply and to line according to your contours, or it will look dodgy. Moreover, pay attention to the color using, because you want to outline your eyes, not make them stand out with strong colors.

image 2

What You Eat Will Affect Your Smile as Well

Eating right and healthy will affect not only your body but your smile as well. As remarkable as it may sound, but vegetables and fruit contain acids which will clean and whiten your teeth naturally, giving them a shine others will wish for. Though, make sure that you do not overdo it because some substances, while being good for teeth, could ruin them and could cause problems.

image 3

Let Your Skin Shine

If you take good care of your skin, it will show because a glowing face will complement your smile, making it more enjoyable to watch. On the other hand, skincare will help reduce wrinkles which could help you look attractive and enhance your already naturally beautiful smile. Though, be careful what you use, and how much you apply, to avoid running your skin.

image 4

Your Teeth Will Count

Pearly whites hiding behind your smile will be a crucial factor in having a great smile or not. However, while some people might good teeth, others might have slightly crooked ones. While even with less straight teeth you can have a captivating smile, it will be a problem for most as they will be embarrassed. Orthodontists in Sydney suggest that you visit them regularly in order to straight your teeth out, and to make sure they are as white as possible.

image 5

Keep Smiling a Lot

All in all, if you want to have a big charming smile, you will need to keep on smiling and practice a lot. It will help you feel comfortable with your own smile and it will help you look natural without forcing anything. Furthermore, people around you will get accustomed to your charms and it will look nice to them as well. A smile is going to be great for all to see if it comes from the heart.

image 6

While there are beauty tips to improve your smile, you will need to work on how you smile and what it looks like. Unfortunately, unless you feel comfortable with your own smile, no amount of beauty enhancements can help you attain a glowing ear-to-ear sincere smile. Practice in front of a mirror or with friends to master the art of smiling with finesse. On the other hand, using beauty products means that you should be wary the amount and type you have because too much could only worsen your smile, not improve it.


Basic Makeup: How to Apply?

It is indeed true that wearing makeup has become very common place in the current scenario.  People have started wearing some kind of makeup or the other every day, be it for their work or for a party or for a get-together.  When it is applied well, it cuts across a very nice and neat picture.  But, when the right products and the right shades are not used, it does not leave a good taste at all.  This reflects very badly if you are taking pictures.  So, one should get their fundamentals or rather basics in makeup very strong.


This is an insight into makeup for all the newcomers…a grand welcome to the plethora of opportunities we have in cosmetics.  One would definitely be at a loss when numerous options are thrown in front of them.  However, the basics would be the same for any kind of a makeup that you may put.  So, learn it at the right time and in the right manner so that you can very soon become a pro.  You can learn about the most elementary of makeup products and how you could make the best use of each one of them.


Remove prior applied makeup:  When you are at applying makeup, ensure that it is absolutely clean.  In some cases, by chance you have any kind of makeup done by someone else on your face, remove it.  When you apply makeup over already existing makeup, you will get a caked look and it will make you look absolutely artificial.  So, start off with a fresh face.  Use a makeup remover or even baby oil can be used as it is very mild and will help easy to remove any residues of the makeup.  Never sleep with makeup on your face for it may clog the pores and become a major cause for wrinkles and blemishes later.

Clean your face thoroughly:  Removing old makeup is extremely important.  Similarly cleaning one’s face thoroughly is also extremely important.  With the help of a mild cleanser, you can wash your face.  All you have to do is invest some time to scrub and remove the dead skin that got accumulated in the pores.  Then, you apply a moisturizer so that you balance if there is any oiliness left on your skin.


Apply a good concealer:  Why should you use a concealer?  It helps in evening out the uneven tones of skin.  It helps in concealing the dark circles under the eyes and also the blemishes on your face.  You can either use your fingertips or a concealer brush on the patchy areas, on dark spots, near eyelids or on acne.  You need to blend the edges of the concealer spots well so that you do not have any discolored marks on the face.

Apply foundation:  There is in fact an amazing range available in this segment…powder foundations, cream, or liquid…all of which will give an even complexion.  It will help in blending the natural skin color with the concealer which you have applied.  Again, use the right foundation brush to apply on the face.  Do not forget to blend the same in your earlobes and neck too.  You can apply liquid foundation with your fingertips.

This is the preparation that is the most basic one that you need to master in order to get a final output that looks great.  More details in the next blog J!  Stay tuned in for more!!

Beauty, Skin Care

Glowing Skin: How to get it with the right diet?

Who wouldn’t love to have a glowing skin? In fact, when taken appropriate care, your skin will not reveal your chronological age too. You can look many years younger than your actual age. How can you get that special glow on your skin? Have you ever thought about what you need to do in order to look ten years younger than your age? It is very much possible to look younger when you have a youthful skin. But, most important of all, you need to eat RIGHT. Yes, that is the success mantra! Let us see what foods you can have to get glowing skin.


You definitely will wish to have something that is readily available at home or in the market.

Hydrate your body: First and foremost, you need to make it a habit to drink copious amounts of water. By copious amounts we do not means litres of water at one go. You have to space out your water intake too and minimize it as the day comes to an end. Ensure that you consume around 6-8 glasses of water daily. When you drink lots of water, the toxins are believed to get out of the body by way of urine or by way of sweat. In fact, a right amount of water intake is also believed to reduce bad body odour and bad breath too. When drinking water can bring in so many benefits along with giving you a glowing and radiant skin, why not inculcate the habit from today itself?


Eat fresh salads: Carrot and Cucumber are found to have a wonderful and magical effect on the skin. When they are consumed raw in the form of salads, they provide the body with the right kinds of nutrients which in turn act on the skin. Remember, that the vegetables are ideal to be consumed in the raw form rather than in the juice form. When they are consumed in the raw form, they are believed to have more fiber content than when in the juice form.

Eat fresh salads

Avoid White Bread: Bread is made out of refined flour. Anything that is made out of refined flour is considered to be bad for the skin. Take for example, the pastries. They are extremely high on their calorific value as they have generous amounts of cream laden on them. For many of the adolescents, consumption of such heavy calorie, sweet items will cause pimples to erupt on the face too. They find it absolutely challenging to overcome the temptation to eat, they cannot resist and hence they give in and gorge on the pastries.

Say NO to processed and packaged foods: Yes, all packaged foods are deep-fried and these items are high on calorie count too. Next time when you feel hungry, rather than groping your hand for processed foods, go pick up a fresh fruit or whole grain bread or brown bread.

packaged foods

Follow these simple tips for a month, and you can very soon see compliments being showered your way! And yes, do not forget to moisturize your skin as it will keep the suppleness of the skin intact!

eye makeup collage


The face and especially the eyes, talk volumes about a person. This is the reason people are always trying to make their eyes look attractive and beautiful. Many people have naturally beautiful eyes. This demands that they take good care of their eyes to maintain the beauty and enhance it even more. No matter the color of the eyes, with the right practices, the eyes can turn out as a perfect and an excellent point of beauty for you. The eyes are an important part of the body and especially the face. They enhance communication and are a very sensitive feature in expressing feelings at times. This is the reason you need to take good care of your eyes as we proceed to the New Year. Be keen to contact an expert on how to choose the eye cream. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your eyes shining and attractive.


Maintain healthy eyes

Every organ of the body works best when healthy. It is therefore very important to maintain healthy eyes. You can maintain healthy eyes by avoiding risk hazards. For those people that work in infection threatening environment, it is always advisable to use the correct eye protective gear. Then, avoid rubbing your eyes with dirty hands. For those people that apply makeup, which is also important in enhancing the beauty of the eyes, ensure that you keep your eye brushes clean. Avoid the unnecessary use of eyelash growth products. Make a point to learn how to choose the eye cream you use.

Enough sleep

Tired eyes are scaring. When you stay late in the night or wake up very early, your eyes will look bloodshot and tired. This does not mean well to the beauty of your eyes. So, whenever you have missed enough time of sleep because of any reason, make sure that you make some time to catch up to rest enough. This will keep your eyes glowing and very attractive. It is crucial to avoid staring at the light with high intensities for a long period. Students are advised to read in well-lit rooms. In case you have a concern for your eyes, never hesitate to visit your optician and share out your worries. Remember that an action in time saves a lot.

eye makeup collage

Protect your eyes from the sun

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. It is, therefore, crucial that you protect it from damage from the sun. Many people do so by wearing sunglasses that is acceptable. For those that have already had this skin damage, you can use makeup to enhance your looks. You may not look very natural but if done with enough care and expertise, it makes one look more appealing than with the naked damaged skin. Sun rays can also make the eyes red and sore. This can be avoided by wearing a good quality of sunglasses.

Use sight correction

Many people advocate for the use of glasses and contact lenses for sight correction. They prefer to struggle with their problematic eyes hoping that they will improve with time. These are very wrong thoughts. When you keep struggling to see and focus, you will always be squinting. This will develop wrinkles in your face, in turn, affecting your look negatively. It will make you look older than your real age. It is better to use sight correction than struggling to see and then end up affecting your looks. Also, when choosing site correction glasses, always take the time to find one that looks good on you. This will encourage you to keep your glasses on the face.

Give your eyes a break

With the improvement in technology, both students and people at work have their eyes glued to the screen most of the time. People are also buying and have to meet deadline and targets. There is little time left for the eyes and other body parts to rest. This leads to tired looking eyes that are stiff, sore and red. Just like any part of or organ of the body, the eyes too need to rest. Take short breaks from your daily activities to let your eyes relax. This will also maintain good health of your eyes. This is especially important and vital for people that spend a lot of time in front of monitors.


It is good to maintain good eye practices to keep healthy and gorgeous eyes. There is a lot of helpful information on how to keep your eyes healthy on the lifestyle fitness magazine. Eyelash growth products should be used with care to avoid complications.

Video: 3 Wonderful Tips for Long and Luscious Eyelashes You Should Know




About Author:-

Margaux Diaz is Health and Beauty Expert. According to her “Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it.” She has interest in building knowledge and self – confidence of people who really want to improve their Life by proper Health guide and stay fit for life time. She is an inspirational writer and has written numerous Articles related to Health and Beauty. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter

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Beauty, Skin Care

How I should clear my skin and get rid of large pores?

Pores. What are they?

  • Tiny openings on the face that get blocked leading to breakouts.
  • Channels that house hair follicles leading to glands that produce skin’s natural moisturizer, sebum.
  • Something to do with skincare that Solvaderm are sure to have a product to treat.
  • All of the above

Well, if you chose the above points you were right! Although technically pores don’t just exist on the face. They cover the entire body but are most likely to become enlarged on the face leading to them becoming blocked and causing blemishes. So why does this happen?


Causes of Blocked Pores

Pores can become blocked a number of ways. Dead skin cells can combine with the sebum produced by oil glands at the end of hair follicles to block the bore; oxidation can occur creating blackheads. Eventually, if not cleared and bacteria get into the pore, this becomes a pimple. For those with acne, the excess amount of oil produced can make the environment conducive to the development of bacteria. Regular cleansing helps, but when pores have been inflamed, narrowing the channel makes it more difficult for blockages to recur. This is where toners come into play.

article image

How Toners Work

Toners traditionally fall into one of two categories, those with astringent qualities and those without. For those with dry and sensitive skins, a humectant such as the old fashioned glycerine and rosewater toner will gently act on the surface of the skin to tighten pores after cleansing but without drying the skin. Astringents work on oilier skin to reduce the amount of sebum on the surface and traditionally contain alcohol which can be harsh and drying. Finding the middle ground, Solvaderm have created Maxatone bio hydrating astringent which has both qualities, making it gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and strong enough for those with oily complexions.

Solvaderm Skin Care


Developed to help minimize the appearance of pores, this clarifying toner is suitable for use by those aged in their twenties onwards. We could give you a list of all the ingredients and their properties but sometimes the best thing to do is let the product speak for itself. So, here’s what some of Solvaderm’s customers have to say about it:

Nina L. Age: 21-25 “Maxatone has diminished my enlarged pores…My breakouts have ceased and I just love the way this makes my skin feel.”

Dottie G. Age: 36-40 “I use this product with the Rejuvoderm cleanser. My pores are smaller and my skin is so bright. I travel a lot so this really helps to maintain balance to my skin.”

Ana P. Age: 41-45 “A gentle toner that leaves my sensitive skin fresh. No more oily t-zone!”

While you cannot reduce the actual size of pores, appearance of them can be minimized by regular deep cleansing and the removals of accumulated oil that make them appear larger. Maxatone can help reduce the buildup of impurities and soothe inflammation when used as part of Solvaderm’s Daily Protocol for advanced skincare.

rough and patchy skin


This intensive skin-correcting hydrating toner is ideal for acne-prone or oily complexions and will make your way to beautiful and healthy skin with Solvaderm, the leading provider of dermatology and professional grade skincare products developed by a team who is redefining skin science.

Start going up with above mentioned treatments and observe how your skin will look sexy, more even and ready to face a new day.