Styles of Photography for Your Wedding

weddingEarlier, in Indian weddings, photography was not even expected to be an important part. The wedding album in the late 60s and 70s included one or two photos of the happy couple on their best clothes taken in the photo studio on a date closer to the wedding. This was a luxury! Today you have so many options to be clicked in innumerable poses with your partner and family, and get every beautiful moment of your wedding captured.

If you’re already seeking a perfect photographer for your wedding then it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most popular photographic styles. Have a clear idea of the style of photography you want to see in your wedding album and how you want to capture the essence of wedding traditions in India, as this will help you choose and hire a photographer for your wedding.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional WeddingAs the camera turned “portable, traditional wedding photography was born. This type of photography is known for preserving traditional aesthetic canons and follows a very similar methodology, which have been followed over more than 100 years. Ok, ok, what does that mean? It means that the vast majority of the photographs are inns, a strict program of photography. Every decision is planned in detail and your photographer can bring lighting equipment, tripods, and assistants to ensure that every shot is ideal. This type of photography is perfect if you’re someone who likes to plan things and sticks to a program.

Reportage wedding photography

Reportage weddingThis type of photography has its origins in the world of news and reportage. Yes! In the real world news happens in seconds and no time to walk or pose. It has its origin from photojournalism. For this style of photography, a photographer who has experience in creating images of high aesthetic value with elements that are available when needed and quickly is demanded. This means that a  photographer in this photographic style will not put anyone to pose for pictures, and maybe has an assistant to help him with his computer and take pictures of other angles. No photo list continues and nothing is planned in detail because the task is to capture the natural moments of the day. This type of photography is ideal for someone who wants to enjoy their wedding photo shoots and almost without noticing that there a photographer to record all events of the great day.

Mixed Wedding Photography

Mixed WeddingAh! It is the perfect marriage between traditional and journalistic reportage style. This type of photography is right for you if you cannot choose between whether to choose taking picture with your family but in case you also want funny and spontaneous images in your wedding album. This style also gives you the option of not having to pose for all. A photographer who can perform well in traditional photography and photojournalism can definitely give a perfect balance between the two styles. This means that a party may schedule one or more cameras for clicking the formal portraits of the bride and groom, and capture the most important and special moments of the day spontaneously and naturally. Today this combination of photographic styles is preferred among couples as it offers a very complete wedding album and covering various aspects of their big day.

Exemplary Wedding Photography

Exemplary WeddingThe perfect complement to any wedding album is a photo shoot specifically designed for the couple. Whether you’re thinking of being photographed for your engagement function or get a personal photo hoot before marriage, this type of illustrative photographic style is perfect for creating super special pictures! Talk to your photographer about the different options you can avail.

Author Bio: Rashmi Karan is a professional writer who writes about the relationships and matrimonial alliances.

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