­Female Body Shapes: Which Are You?

Since the dawning of time, female figure has been the top subject of the majority of artists. The symbols of femininity, her hips and breasts can be both the source of aesthetic pleasure, but also have other functions, such as for sexual interaction, and most importantly, reproduction. Many artists tried to find the right proportions and portray them in their images, sculptures and other forms of art, but it is a fact that the understanding and acceptance of an ideal female body shape has changed over time. Here are some basic body shapes that every woman can find herself in them.



This body type is the most common one. Straight body type is well balanced in terms of hips and bust, however the waist is not very defined. The bottom is more flat round and your torso and arms are the first which gain weight. Upper thighs also have a tendency to gain weight and lower legs are always well-shaped.


Triangle or pear body type is characterised by hips larger than the bust, along with a well defined waist, which is the best feature of this body type. The neck is elegant, the arms and shoulders proportionately slim. Bottom and legs are the first areas which gain weight, and after that the tummy.



Hourglass is the body type most women strive for. It is characterised by well-balanced bust and hips, as well as a beautifully defined waist. Shoulders are gently rounded and are in balance with the hips. The bottom is well rounded and looks good both from the side and from the front profile. The length of legs is proportionate to the upper body, which is why this body type is in perfect harmony.

Inverted triangle

Upper body is proportionately larger in the inverted triangle body type. Shoulders are broad, bust ample, and back wide. Hips are slim and bottom is probably flat. The waist is subtle but this body type can gain weight in this area, as well as in the upper body. Legs are the best feature of this body type and are beautiful and well-shaped.


Oval body type is characterized by a large bust, narrow hips and midsection that is pretty much full, that is stomach is the area which usually gains weight, as well as the back and the upper body. Since the waist is undefined, it is the widest part of the body. Neck is usually short and full, as well as the face. Bottom is usually flat in this body type, whereas legs slender.

And finally, you should remember that you should accept your body as it is. Genetics is something you cannot change, even though there are certain procedures you can do in order to get closer to your preferred body shape. For example, you can invest time in working out or find breast augmentation clinic in Sydney that can help you in correcting your flaws. Feel free to tell us your body shape in the comments below.

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