Think You Look the Part? – If You’re Guilty of The Following, Think Again!

Some would say that repeating yourself too often is never a good thing, but when it comes to style tips and advice for men there are some that just never, ever seem to sink in. So at the risk of offending the easily offendable, anyone still guilty of any of the following male fashion blunders that thinks they look the part really needs a reality check…sorry to be the one to tell you:

Male Makeup

There may be a few exceptions to the rule, but for at least 99% of all normal women across the UK today, men that wear makeup are a pretty gigantic turn-off. And even the remaining 10% would be put off by the blokes that insist on wearing more makeup than their prospective partners do which means that if you’re fallen into the trap of taking your ‘metrosexuality’ one step too far, now’s the time to reverse things a little.


Laptop bags are fine, rucksacks are ok and even most satchels you can get away with. By contrast thought, a full-on leather or PVC manbag is something that’s as unforgivable for most today as it was when the heinous things were first rolled out. Call it sexist or closed-minded all you want, but handbags just like pocket-mirrors and lipstick are for women and not men. Speaking of which, pocket mirrors for men are about a thousand times worse than the manbag.

Three-Hour Hairdos

There’s nothing quite so annoying as a sculpted hairdo that clearly took a bloke three hours to perfect. Actually that’s not true – even more annoying is the three-hour hairdo that’s sculpted to look like a bona-fide bed head, when in reality it’s a pretentious work of self-promoting trash-art. Just keep it simple and stop taking yourself too seriously.

24/7 Shades

And finally, if you won’t even consider stepping out in public without your ‘trademark’ shades on, you better either be Slash or fully ashamed of yourself. Admittedly this last one is a pretty easy habit to fall into but the more you insist on wearing your shades without ever letting yourself be seen without them, the more of a prat you end up making yourself look.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton is a tweed blazer designer from Brighton who loves blogging about fashion tips and how to look the part.  She’s currently guest blogging in behalf of Ben Sherman, a well-respected fashion authority in London.  She specifically loves BS collections of tweed blazers.  You many add her in Google+.

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