5 ways to make your undercut look different

Change up your everyday style not only with new clothes but also with a new style for your undercut. With these simple tips, you can match your hair to new fashionable trends without efforts!


#1. Brushed up

Also known as rocking undercut. Works for both straight and wavy hair and can be achieved on medium-long and short hair. For this particular style, you need to have a blow-dryer, a brush suitable for your hair (you can ask a specialist’s piece of advice at Best Barber Shops In New York), and of course your fingers. Towel-dry your hair after getting it wet and coat the hair with the wax-based product, using only fingers. Having run through your hair with your fingers several times, take a brush and repeat the same motions. Then use a blow dryer to set your hair in place while continuing these steps and adding more wax to your hair. Do not overuse wax! It can weight your hair down and deprive you of the volume achieved by blow-drying.


#2. Slicked back

For this style, you need to have a strong hold pomade. Coat your fingers in this product and gently run them through damp hair from hairline all the way to the back of your head. Try to avoid touching your scalp. When hair is evenly coated, take a comb and start slicking the top part of your hair back in one swipe. Repeat the same motion from 3 to 5 times to set all the hairs in place without flyaways. You can use your fingers for the last several passes for a messy and modern look.

#3. Spike it up

Leave your hair slightly damp after the shower. It would be better to use a blow dryer because it will help you to get some additional volume, which will make it easier for you to get this style done. Take the product and rub it in your palms before running through your hair. Keep in mind, it might be easier if you tilt your head. After finishing with this particular task, take a strong hold hair gel and use it on strands with a pinch-like motion.

#4. Mess it up

You will need mousse and a blow dryer for a “just casually rolled out of bed” look. The trick is to blow dry your hair while tousling it in various directions with fingers covered in the hair product of your choice. Just like with other styles, your hair should be damp. If you are a fan of the “sculptured” messy look, use hair wax instead.

#5. Change the texture

In other words, curl your hair or straighten it. It will bring some diversity into the seemingly boring hair you’ve been sporting for months. Use the wax-based product for styling separate strands together to make the difference in texture more prominent.

Try out some of these tips to change your look and be stylish!

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