Shopping for the correct fit lingerie need not be a pain anymore

Hey, ladies out there! Don’t you want to own lingerie that fits perfectly on your body? You don’t want to feel even the slightest amount of discomfort, isn’t it? Wearing a bra one or two sizes down your actual cup size, under wired portion of the bra poking against your chest, bra straps falling off are the usual problems faced by you, isn’t it?

Here is a small questionnaire which you need to be honest about, in answering. You will then be able to correctly identify if you are wearing the right fit bra or not

  1. Do you adjust your bra several times a day?
  2. Your breasts sway, jump and jiggle when you walk up/ down the stairs
  3. You are waiting to take your bra off, isn’t it?
  4. You have small breasts, but you need to wear push up or padded bras to make them look better.
  5. On the other hand, while you have huge tits, you are forced to wear bras that make your bust line resemble beige tents
  6. Your breasts sag even while wearing a bra
  7. Your bra straps cut into your skin making you feel uncomfortable, but in spite of that, you are forced to wear them tight to give your boobies better support?

carve braIf you answers are yes, to any of the parameters mentioned above, it simply means you are not wearing the right fit bra. And it is high time you do something about your lingerie

Presenting to you certain quick fix ideas for common problems faced by women on bustiers

  1. What do you do when under wires poke in front of your chest?

Quick fix: Hope the bra which you are wearing right now fits you correctly right? If not, go measure your chest line and get yourself the right fit bra. Most of the bra related issues are caused by wearing a wrong size!

So, now coming over to your question. You find that the underwire of the bra is shorter than the tunnel allotted for it, is that not right?

All you need to do is push your under wire up until the arm pits, so that the fit is higher up the chest area and lower down the compressing area at the sternum. You find the fit much more comfortable now.

  1. How do you manage the situation when top cups of your bra go baggy?

Quick fix: Well, the soft cups of the unlined bra fit you perfectly fine, but when you slouch a little bit or bend over to sit down, the top cover goes missing. You find the cups get baggy and you are able to find a vacuum between your t- shirt and bra. All you need to do is tighten the shoulder straps a little. Now the cups stay in shape.

  1. Cups leave empty space at the bottom. How do you fix it?

Quick fix Idea: The cups should cover your entire breast area and not come higher, hitting upon the cleavage area. If you find a gap between the under wiring area and the tits, you need to go in for a cup one up the size you currently are wearing right now. Separate or detachable cups are available. You can detach the ill-fitting one to replace with a better fitting cup.

You now know what to do, when your bra is not fitting you right.

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