Ways to keep your face wrinkle free

Do you find it hard to fight aging skin nemesis? The only period in life when we don’t have troubles with those terrible, annoying wrinkles is when we are children. And what a pity is that we can’t have this body and brain, and still keep our soft, gentle, wrinkle free skin. But enough of feeling sorry for yourself, one must do what he can. Though we can never go back to the past, we should try to save what we can and slow down the aging process as long as possible.

You are what you eat

Well not literally of course. Your diet significantly affects the quality of your skin, and it may contribute to or sabotage a wrinkle-free face. Vitamin C is your face’s best friend, so don’t try to separate them, it will be hard loss to get over. Opposed to that, carbs and fat, should be just occasional visitors, if you want to keep your skin young looking. Though to coffee is a requirement for some people, including myself, it has a way of dehydrating your skin, so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll reduce its entry.

Beauty sleep is not just an expression

SkinCareImage by Pixabay

Getting 7-8 much necessary hours of sleep is good for you in countless ways. As for your skin, when you’re getting enough sleep, you produce a hormone which contributes to elastic and thicker look of your skin, helping your face to deal with the invasion of wrinkles. It’s not just about how long are you sleeping, it’s also about the how. Sleep on your back, otherwise you’ll press down your face, which in the long term has bad effects. It take some time to change that habit, but trust me, it’s possible.

Pamper your skin

Your skin is exposed constantly to all kinds of pests, such as polluted air, sun, cigarette smoke etc. So don’t you think it deserves a little pampering here and there? I know it’s sometimes hard to renounce a part of money you’ve might be saving for something else, but by investing a little into proper caring for our face by professionals, you may gain more then you lose. I personally try to go regularly to face treatments at skin clinic in Penrith, and the results are amazing.

Choose wisely

It’s also important to have quality skin care products at home. Just don’t go around and buy every product you can find, but first, consult a dermatologist or a pharmacist. Have a skin care daily routine, and you’ll notice the results soon. You should choose your makeup wisely, as well as your skin care products. This also might be a decision which you could make in collaboration with your dermatologist, especially if you already have sensitive skin.

Ready for close up?

All the tips above are not mother’s nagging, but they may really prove beneficial, not just for your skin, but for your overall health. Facing the mirror may be a lot easier when you know that you look at your best. In the end, all that matters is that you are satisfied with your reflection.

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