How to Save Money on Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends without spending an absolute fortune can be quite difficult, especially considering how fast seasonal trends change.

What’s in this summer this year won’t necessarily be in next summer, so for those of us who are fashion conscious it’s a pretty hard task keeping up with the times not only with physical appearance but financially too.

Here are 6 tips to save money on the latest fashion trends.

Tip 1 – Shop in Advance

How to Save Money on Fashion TrendsIf you are into fashion, then you probably keep up to date with fashion magazines and receive alerts from fashion trend apps about current and upcoming trends. So using this beforehand knowledge make your purchases based on what you will be wearing. For example, you know that a particular style of dress is going to be all the fashion in the summer so try to get it in the winter season prior when it will cheaper and in less demand.

Also when summer hits you could be the first one to be out wearing the latest trend before any of your friends meaning you will probably get a few extra fashion trend bonus points from them.

Tip 2 – Shop Online

There are so many bargains to be had online. The reason why is that on most occasions is because running an Internet store doesn’t have the costly overheads running a physical retail store would have. For example, there is no retail staff to employ and there’s no expensive trendy shop to house the stock in.

Fashion stores like can offer the latest fashion products at a cheaper cost than most retail stores can. Granted there may be a small delivery charge to consider, however this still doesn’t outweigh the cost of clothes in stores. Also there are many coupon, deals site like which offers many coupons and deals offer on latest fashion trends which will help you to save more money from your shopping wallet.  Also sign up to newsletters from your favourite online stores as you may be able to get some good deals or discount vouchers on promotions.

Tip 3 – Discount Stores and Warehouses

Just because the clothing comes from a discount store it does not mean it is going to be poor in quality. Most warehouse and discount clearance stores actually have the latest trends in but usually at a cut price cost, sometimes even a third of the price that clothes currently retail at. It’s worth considering and finding discount stores near you. Shopping places like Cheshire Oak are made for discount stores only.

Tip 4 – Paying with Cash

Do away with store and credit cards to pay for your clothes, as you will only end up paying much more for them in the long run with the interest, which is added.

By using cash you are not going to be spending out of your means and getting yourself into debt. Also using cash is a good deterrent from tempting you to buy clothes at prices way beyond your means and you can budget sensibly.

Tip 5 – Buy Things You Will Actually Wear

Some people just buy fashion clothes for buying sake and the problem is you might even consider buying them just because they’re in fashion as opposed to thinking ‘Will these clothes actually suit me?’.

The problem is if you’re not wearing those clothes you’ve just purchased then essentially you are just wasting your money. There’s a good tip from Gok Wan, only buy a select few items which are all interchangeable with each other to create outfits for 7 days of the week.

Tip 6 – End of Season Sale Items

Of course you can find bargains towards the end of the season, however, and thenyou’re not actually up to date with the latest fashion trends. Most of the time though current fashion trends go on sale mid towards the end of the season meaning you can get bargains at sometimes half the price and still be just in time for the last few weeks of the trend.

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