Make Your Home Decor a Reflection of Your Fashion Style

Although it’s true that clothes do not make the man, it actually depicts your mood and personal style, saying a lot about your aspirations, habits and temper. If you’ve developed excellent and recognizable fashion style which presents your true colours, now it’s time to think about entering the same spirit into your living space, by decorating it in your ton. By doing so, you won’t just transform your home into the place where everyone notices your uniqueness, but you’ll create personal oasis that suits your character. It should be quite interesting and creative venture, and this is how you can give your home authentic personal touch:

Make Your Home Decor a Reflection of Your Fashion Style 22.04.2015.Revive interior with wardrobe colours

Revive interior with wardrobe coloursThis is a great initial step, so if you enjoy wearing particular colours let them paint your walls and refresh your furniture or decorative items. In case you follow simplicity and restraint within your dressing manner, neutral and mild pastel shades are excellent for walls, while you can break the monotony with bold orange or red tones on your shelves, table edges, cushions and bedclothes. Add one-coloured bowls on your kitchen table, variegated books in whole-coloured racks and you’ll get simple elegancy. For those whose style is high-spirited, the combination of vibrant colours with interesting textures reflects creative stylishness.

Show what you’re passionate about

Show what you’re passionate aboutPersonal style is saying a lot about someone’s interests and hobbies, and decorating space in that mood brings more of your true character and makes people saying: “This is so you!”. Being a music lover opens wonderful decor ideas, from rock n’ roll inspired wall paintings and large records racks to old-fashioned gramophones and music instrument’s sculptures on your shelves. If you like oriental cultures, include mahogany furniture, colourful wall patterns or authentic motives on your pottery and linens, but combine them with gentle colours to avoid clutter look. Whichever theme or aspiration permeates your clothing style- try to inscribe it in inside decor and you’ll feel completed.

Purchase personalized items

Purchase personalized itemsWhen shopping items for your interior, it’s best to stick to patterns and colours which prevail in your wardrobe. In other words, what catches your eye when purchasing favourite garments may also be ideal model for buying home decor stuff. While second-hand stores are abundant with fabulous home decor pieces which can suit your current fashion style, online purchase is just endless source of whichever thing you imagined for home decoration.

If you search for curtains or linen design that enlivens the sense of your outfit, you can easily explore numerous styles online and choose what you like. Looking to buy rugs online enables you to preview multiple pattern and material ideas, so you can find the best one to correspond to design concept of your clothes.

Right fabrics speak the truth

There’s nothing what reflects your fashion preferences better than fabrics you use in home decor. Knitted clothes may be great inspiration for fantastic sofa pillowcases or chair covers, while leather clothing items are excellent to be applied on couches, chairs or even carpets. If you wear printed stuff, implement your favourite sketch on wall paintings, cups, and bowls or outline furniture parts with attractive motifs.

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