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The kids in this generation are way too fast forward as compared to kids in older generations. With ever growing technical environment and advancements in technology, kids today have a lot of exposure to everything going around them unlike kids in earlier centuries. With this the knowledge increases and so does demand. So nowadays parents have to plan things according to what will be the best for their kids. Now if you are planning to gift your kid with something good and constructive, a watch is the best option. With various styles and designs, kids love to flaunt their watches around. And the best part they have their own device to guide them with time and make them punctual. Every known brand comes with range of kid’s watches for younger kids, older kids for both girls and boys under the category of toy watches and sports watches.

Watches for Younger Kids:

Kid’s watches designed for young kids basically depict a lot of color, brightness, themes and some popular characters from cartoon shows and movies. This makes them attractive and more appealing to the young crowd. Some of the popular characters from the cartoon world who are themed in these watches are mainly Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Superman, Hannah Montana and more.

Another designing technique includes teaching features. Young kids are not really aware of how to see time. Some kid’s watches are designed in a way that it helps them to learn by providing them with an option to label the hour and minute hand. This makes a huge difference while they learn.

The third feature is the design of the watch. As these watches are for younger kids, they are designed in a way that they are easy to wear and take off. This lets the kid’s to wear and take them off themselves without asking any adult for help. These designs contain rubber, nylon and vector based construction.

The various other type of watches include the army styled watches which are usually loved by boys who wish to feel that they are soldiers. Other watches styles include the ones with walky talky built in feature, watches with games inside them and much more.

kids watchesWatches for Older Kids:

Wristwatches designed for older kids sport a very different look and feel as compared to the watches for younger ones. They are made like adult watches with difference in construction, materials and easy usability feature. They fit in easily and are more comfortable. The older kid’s watches have features like stopwatch, timer, calendar and comes in various types like analog or digital. Depending upon what taste your kid has in watches, you can choose the right one for them.

Unlike watches for younger kids, these depict a style that is not flashy or bright or with cartoon characters. With greater flexibility and sporty style, they are casual wear with various shapes and sizes. They are easy to read and have many features that can be easily used by the kids.

colorful watched

The factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing a watch for your kid is durability and pricing because kids have a schedule that is full of mischievous activities and fun. This would lead to easy breaking and ruining.

So when you planning to gift your son or daughter with a watch consider the age which is an essential factor and then choose the right model. Kid’s watches are designed and advertised in a very different manner for every brand. So going according to your budget, and a style that is preferred by your kid, surprise them!

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