Shorts – But it’s cold outside?

Shorts have been this winter’s surprise item of choice, with thick tights or leggings worn underneath this helps show off your legs without revealing any bumps around your bum. This provides a very sliming look and can also be popular with patterned or cut out tights.

For many shorts have been something only used for sports and often avoided during cold spells but this recent trend has seen streets filled with short clad women going about their daily business. From Denim based shorts to tailored shorts there is an option for work friendly shorts as well as the out on the town look. Tailored shorts are often a mainstay of any working woman’s wardrobe due to the move away from skirts in the workplace, after all when you have to get up and down all day it can be a chore to simply cover your modesty in a skirt.

ShortsThis trend does not look to be going away thanks to the latest designs filling the rails in most high street stores. It makes a welcome change to the short skirts or bare leggings look. A good pair of denim shorts should not set you back more than £15 and for tailored ones it will depend if they come as a set with a waistcoat or jacket. Leggings are cheap and come in so many varieties but with tights these can vary due to the different density and pattern available. Choosing the right shorts for your shape is easy.

For those with smaller derrieres it would be best to go for high cut shorts that will give you more of a rounded look. For those with larger bottoms then a straight cut can offset some of that shape and give you more slimmed down look.

Depending on your legs you may also opt for boots with heels to give you the extra appearance of length, whilst those with skinny or long legs can usually get away with some flat shoes or even a pair of funky trainers.

Written by Steven Hill :

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