Styles of Ladies Watches

Ladies watches started life as pocket watches or small timepieces that were worn around the neck on a chain or pinned to a dress as a brooch. These days you can still buy these styles of ladies watches but those worn on the wrist are the more popular option. Many fashion houses have extended their accessory ranges to include ladies timepieces so there is now more choice than ever before. Here are some of the more popular styles of ladies watches available on the market today.

Dress Watches

This style of ladies watches tends to be elegant and understated with a metal strap or band. The faces are normally made to appear to be delicate and often have crystals set into the face or around the edge of the face. Most of the time, these watches are made from a precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum. Often expensive to purchase, this style of ladies timepieces are meant to be something that is looked after and kept for many years.

Bracelet or Bangle Watches

There are many different types of this style of ladies watches and you can find one to suit pretty much any situation. The most popular version of these bangle style watches has a solid strap made from a precious metal to give the impression that the lady is wearing a bangle as opposed to a watch. These are often used as accessories for business attire but also look great with evening wear. The bracelet styles of ladies watches can have the appearance of a charm bracelet, with the watch face as just one of the many charms on it or they may have a thin solid band that is slightly loose on the wrist to allow it to move with the wearer.

Ladies WatchesCuff Watches

This style of ladies timepieces is definitely growing in popularity and designers are creating styles that are classically elegant as well as those that are ultra trendy. You can buy them in a range of materials from solid gold to cloth, with many variations on the design. The faces of this style of watches are not as important and are often plain and fairly small. This is a really great style of ladies watch that can be worn in any situation with just about any outfit.

Jewelled Watches

Every manufacturer of ladies watches will have a jewelled range in their collection. Ladies can choose from understated to outright bling in a variety of shapes and styles. Often jewelled ladies timepieces incorporate many of the styles listed above, but some manufacturers have taken this a step further and created some really unique styles of jewelled ladies watches. Even those ladies that normally prefer a plainer style of watch could find themselves falling in love with one of these jewelled watches.

Sports Watches

Previously sports watches were big and clumpy and not particularly designed to suit a lady’s smaller wrist. Things have changed and there is a wide range of sporty ladies watches available in a range of colours from the bright and vibrant to the pastel or metal. Sporty watches are often seen as a fashion accessory and not just a functional item.

Author Bio: Richard Rake works for one of the largest retailers of ladies watches (in Danish dameure) as well as men’s watches in Europe.

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