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Simple Dressing Rules for Women with a Large Bust

Finding the perfect outfit is already difficult enough, but when you are a curvaceous girl with large bust, it can be additionally challenging. There are simply clothing items, fabrics, and accessories that will look flattering on you and others that will actually work against you. Therefore, in order to avoid any uncomfortable tops, dresses or jackets, follow these simple rules and you will look like a true fashion icon.


The Perfect Dress

Knowing which neckline fits you best is essential when picking out the perfect dress, because a neckline makes an enormous difference to an attire look. Dresses with a V-neck will definitely be one of the best choices for busty women. However, make sure not to have a too low one, or show too much cleavage. Furthermore, square, scoop and sweetheart necklines will also look good on you.

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Women with large bust can have an additional problem when picking out the right dress, because more often than not she would have to buy a size larger than she actually wears. Namely, the dress may perfectly fit to the rest of the body but the bust will require more space. This is when the potato sack syndrome appears – the dress lays perfectly over the boobs, but the rest of the body looks like it was covered with a bag. The only solution to this problem is taking a dress to the tailor, so that the dress can be tailored to your measurements.

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Pick the Right Bra

Bras are another crucial factor to consider if you have a bust issue. The most important things to consider is that a bra is comfortable, supportive, does not slump down. You should definitely invest in a high quality bra that will make your bust look amazing. The one with a full coverage is the best choice, because it will be most supportive of all, it will not give you the extra volume, and it will make every clothing item look great.

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Shirts and Buttons

The trouble only known to busty women – gaping of buttons on your shirt, which leads to revealing everything what is underneath the shirt. In order to prevent this from happening while you are talking to your boss, or maybe even a stranger, try buying a shirt one size larger than usual. Do not worry, it will not make you look bigger, thanks to all the new fashion tricks. You can half-tuck it into trousers, jeans or a skirt; fold up sleeves; tie it up the bottom; or even layer it under a dress or a sweater.

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Jackets and Blazers

Many women with large bust look for the help at the plastic surgeon’s office. Breast reduction is a very common procedure, and in order to avoid the stressful shopping, women choose to go under the knife. For those of you who do not prefer this type of solution, wearing a blazer or a motorcycle jacket can be extremely flattering. What is more, a blazer can have a minimizing effect, as long as it is the one with clean long lines. Once you elongate your torso with this type of clothes, your bust will instantly look a size or two smaller.

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When it comes to motorcycle jacket, thanks to the overlapping fabrics on the front, the jacket will lie perfectly over your chest. The ones with a cropped length will make your top half visually smaller, and make sure you wear it unzipped, so that it fits nicely to the shoulders, arms, and back.

As you can see, the fashion industry has evolved in the past couple of years, under the influence of curvaceous celebrities such as Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian. The attention has been focused towards larger size women, and now you can find a perfect piece of clothing for every body type. All you need to do is find out what fits best to your body type.

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