jewellry Summer Accessory Essentials

Summer 16’ Accessory Essentials

In the summer some people feel inclined to refresh their wardrobe and take away all the thick coated styles. However, if you’re going to refresh your wardrobe why not rejuvenate your jewellery selection? Your accessories selection can be the difference and adding a select set of essentials can add a huge difference to your outfit style and choices. If you are struggling to choose between the vast amount of accessories you already own, we have come up with a list of summer 16 accessory essentials to help you through.



Sunglasses should always be a top priority in the summer, to shield your eyes from the sunshine and to add a little glamour to your outfit choices. Move away from traditional sunglasses, such as Ray Bans, Aviator and move towards Stella McCartney. They are a little more expensive, but sunglasses are something that you can keep for years and their unique designs, you’ll fall in love immediately. As well as shielding your eyes from the sunshine, you’ll have added a touch of glamour no matter where you go.

The Satin Clutch

There never a bad time to get a new clutch, especially a satin one. Take advantage of a texture style that you wouldn’t be able to bring out in any other weather. Not only will you have a different option for the summer, but you’ll have something that is elegant and professional. With a range of different colours, you’ll find yourself mixing and matching your outfits to find something that really compliments it. Be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone.

A Brand New Pair of Heels

Similar to clutches, there is never a bad time to get a new pair of heels. Whatever style you are looking for, heels can take you away casual wears and more into smart, professional. Aim for something that is universal and will go with different types of summer outfits you’ll have. There are various different styles for you to choose from, so take a deeper look into your style and find something that seamlessly fits you.

The Jewellery

The jewellery you choose is a delicate matter when it comes to summer. Whether you are looking for something that fits all of your outfits, or something that matches one particular outfit, jewellery truly a summer essential. You can choose from absolutely everything, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, so don’t rule any item of jewellery out. Get something with a summery vibe, think of bees and puppies. Whether you are aiming for dainty, fashion statements or something truly magnificent, your jewellery needs to be researched. Take a look at brands such as Theo Fennell, Gucci, Links of London and Swarovski.

jewellry Summer Accessory Essentials

Lighter Nail Colours!

It is now officially time to add some colour to your nails. Move away from the dull, thick colours and move towards lighter, more energetic colours. Colours such as baby blue, lighter shades of purple, yellow and pink are all perfect in time for the beautiful summer.

With these select few essentials you’ll find yourself ready for the summer, so it’s time to sort your summer accessories out!

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