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Bizarre Trends All Around the Globe

Okay, before you start with the usual tirade about the new and unusual fashion trends of the newer generations and how there were no such things back in the good old days, perhaps it is a good idea to do some recapitulation. Weird trends have been present for thousands of years all around the world and the enchanted circle of bizarre movements is never going to stop. From ruffs and codpieces up to those huge powdered wigs, hobble skirts and bullet bras we have come a long way. And now it is time to hand over the baton to the new and fresh bizarre trends that are going to mark this era. Let us see what the millennials have in store for us:


Gothic Lolitas

Reporting from the faraway land of Japan where a new trend has originated in a form of so-called Gothic Lolitas. Considering the fact that we have witnessed a lot of weirder things from Japan, the Victorian-era meets gothic fashion does not actually look that bad. The trend has originated as a protest against too much nudity in today’s society and these dark ladies have managed to create a new movement characterized by black dresses, lots of leather, dark makeup and a must-have accessory in a form of a Victorian-era styled umbrella (black of course).

Japan _ Lolita style 1


The Chinese never fail to surprise us with their innovative and somewhat unusual inventions. This time the main runner up is the highly popular Facekini which is not to be mistaken with a Halloween costume or a burglar mask, no matter how much it resembles it. The facekini was so cleverly designed to protect people from harmful UV rays by wearing sun-protective masks made from Lycra, which covers the whole face leaving only holes for the eyes, mouth and the nose. Sometimes they are even accompanied with a full-body suit made from the same material with long sleeves, for complete protection of course.

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Eye Tattoos

The ever-friendly Canadians have probably decided that body tattoos were a thing of the past as they have embraced a new, much bolder trend – eye tattoos. While most of us probably cringe just by imagining a needle approaching our eyes, those who are willing to withstand a syringe being inserted in the cornea of the eye, can enjoy the colourful designs of their eyes. We guess that different coloured lenses simply do not do the job just as well.

Eye tattoos 3

Bagel Heads

We told you there are weirder things in Japan than girls dressed in Victorian gothic garments! While body modifications are not really a new trend, this bagel head surely is. The main idea is injecting saline into the forehead, forming a swelling on the forehead in a shape of a bagel. Sometimes, those looking to step up the game have the saline injected two times, thus creating two matching bagels on both sides of the forehead. Before you start freaking out, no, the bagels are not permanent and the saline is absorbed after a day or so, making the forehead go back to its original state.

Eye Jewellery

This new fashionable technique comes all the way from the Netherlands. These extra ocular implants are inserted in the cornea of the eye, creating fashionable designs from precious metals….in your eyes. While those defending the cause claim that this procedure is completely safe, eye specialists do not agree with this opinion. With trends like these, it will only be a matter of time when parents will start begging their children to choose body jewellery instead.

Eye tattoos 2

Weird trends will always find their way into the hearts of those looking to do something unusual, challenging and different. They are not limited to the past or the future or continents and countries. We are all bizarre in a way, we simply have to accept that there will always be those taking things to the next level.

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