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Frugal Ideas for a Glamorous Wedding

It is a dream of every bride to have a grandiose and luxurious wedding day. And why not? Your big day is a once in a lifetime experience and there is no reason why not go all out. But sometimes the fairy-tale setting, white doves and embellished carriages cannot fit the available budget. But this is not a reason to be discouraged, remember – even Cinderella managed to get from scrubbing floors up to glass slippers. However, if you do not have the help of the fairy godmother, then it is perfectly acceptable to rely on these few tricks that will help you organize an extraordinary and elegant wedding without breaking the bank:


Dressing Up

When the wedding preparations start it is quite likely that the bride will already have a perfect dress in mind. Of course, the wedding gown represents one of the most important parts of the ceremony, as all eyes will be set on the new bride-to-be. This does not mean that half of your budget should be spent on the dress. If you are willing to get pass the brand new designer dresses, you can find dresses of equal beauty and quality on sales or in second hand stores. Renting a dress is also a good idea if you are looking to save up some money. Perhaps the best solution is to ask someone close to you to sew the dress according to your measurements or even to wear your mothers or grandmas wedding dress.

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Finding a cheap wedding venue is a probably a mission impossible so it is a good idea to resort to some alternative ideas. For instance, a destination wedding is a great opportunity to mix up the wedding reception and honeymoon in one setting. Also, consider organizing a small beach wedding or holding a reception somewhere in nature, where there is no need for booking a venue. Of course, if you are planning a winter wedding for example and are in desperate need of a venue, then remember two things: either book in advance or be very flexible about setting the date. You could also consider holding a home reception if there is available space.


Creating a lovely and elegant ambient is one of the crucial components of a classy wedding. Most people believe that in order to embellish their space they need help from a professional decorator. But before you start throwing money on pricey interior designers, florists and other decorators perhaps it is a good idea to consider a different approach. For instance, minimalism is quite a popular trend nowadays and not only does it require small funds but it also exudes with glamour. Also, do not hesitate to employ all your close friends and family members to add a dash of personality to the space. Relying on your closest ones to do the decorating is also a good idea as the space will look unique but also resemble your personal style.

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Guest List

Another great way to preserve your wallet is to consider a small wedding rather than a grandiose one. Smaller weddings are more intimate and personal and you get to enjoy your special day surrounded by your closest family and friends. Consider cutting the guest list in half and sending the wedding invitations solely to those with whom you wish to share your happiness on the big day.


Last but certainly not least, those minor details end up costing you the most. These things are essentials that no wedding can go without, but fortunately they can easily become budget friendly. When it comes to foods and drink, prepare to ditch the full bar and opt for a signature drink and a few dishes. You can also ask a close family member to make the cake or even some other tasty dessert. Do not spend money on professional photographers and videographers, simply hire an amateur photographer and do him and yourself a huge favour. The same goes for the band. Before you cash out for a celebrity band, opt for a local band or even a DJ.

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Yes, you too can organize a wonderful glamorous wedding without filing for bankruptcy afterwards. Simply focus on the important things, check out the priorities and the rest will follow through. In the end, the most important thing is not the size of the venue or the amount of drinks, but the man standing beside you and the people there celebrating your love.

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