Lingerie Ideas

Lingerie Ideas for Various Body Types

Finding that perfect piece of lingerie is a challenge for all the women out there, as they need to think of sexy negligee, and something provocative to wear beneath it. Depending on your body type, it will take some time to find the right lingerie, but with a simple guide to help you out, it is going to get easier.


Going for the Hourglass

You should show off your full bust and bottom, which means that you should go with something that has silk or lace. A full bodysuit will enhance your hourglass figure, and it will make anyone immediately fall in love with you. Remember, the more you hide, the more you leave for the imagination. You need to focus on highlighting your waist, as it will define your figure the most.

Go Tight

For those lovely ladies who are sporting an athletic body type, do not be afraid to show your finely tuned muscles. Your best choice of lingerie would be to go with something a bit tighter. A two-piece set with silk will only enhance your looks, and make you feel like a woman in control. Then again, you can opt for ruffled shorts, as they will feel comfortable and will leave some things hidden as well.

Lingerie Ideas

Finding the Right Panty

Shopping for comfortable panties will be tedious. Even more so if you are unsure what your butt-shape is, and which underwear will make it seem enhanced. Keep in mind that revealing panties could be going over the top. Just because you are wearing something with more comfort does not mean that it cannot be sexy. The function of the panty is to help your partner create an illusion of fantasy, because it matters what you are wearing, as there is a shroud of mystery around your panty.

Petite Women Have Their Charm

The problem with petite women is that they often appear to be smaller than they really are. This will greatly affect their sense of how good they actually look. Nevertheless, dressing petite women is simpler that most would expect, and it will require a bit of wardrobe knowhow to get the most out of your assets. Keep it plain to accentuate your curves and hips.

Are You a Taller Lady?

Taller women might think that due to their height they cannot look and feel sexy. This could not be farther from the truth. Although it would be best for them to wear traditional underwear, as it will go nicely with their overall shape. They need to look into wearing garter belts because it will emphasize their nice long legs. Moreover, it will feel empowering and extremely comfortable.

Finding the Right Panty

A Bit More Weight Makes You Look Better

Plus size women should not be ashamed of what they got, rather, they should feel pride in who they are and what they have to show. There is a large variety of women’s lingerie options for them, which will leave them feeling sexy and wanted even more. It is not only about the underwear pieces they will wear, but also the empowering feeling that suggestive lingerie provides.

Surprise your partner and yourself. Picking out the best lingerie for the evening might seem like a hassle, but keep in mind that simple will triumph over explicitly complicated pieces. Wearing daring lingerie is not just about looking seductive, but it is also about gaining some confidence. Nevertheless, be sure to understand your body type and find the best choice to highlight your best features. Unfortunately, you will look different from other women, but that is exactly what will make you unique.

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