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Adorable Mother and Daughter Matching Outfit Ideas

You know how the saying goes – like mother like daughter. From the very first time we breathe in air until their last breath, we are under the watchful eye of our caring mothers. Their mission is to nurture us and help us grow into independent individuals with our own system of values. However, there comes a time when we start showing all of the virtues and traits that our mothers possess – the way we walk, the manner of speech, gestures and even the wardrobe gets “copy-pasted” and handed down from our parents.


When you think about it, isn’t it wonderful that you can have your own mini-me wherever you go? There is an ever growing trend on all social media of young mothers playing dress up with their daughters. From leisure park activities to fancy parties – any occasion serves as an excuse to create matching outfits for young ladies and their babies.

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It’s the perfect opportunity to have your daughter’s style resembles your own because soon enough she will reach puberty, the opinion of her friends will matter more than those of her household. She will start exploring and experimenting with discovering her own style and there will be little room for compromise. At a young age, our children are like sponges – they really take in everything we say and do, so it’s only natural when we see daughters looking a lot like their mothers.

In fact, wasn’t it the case when your daughter was born that you took out all of your own baby photos and compared them to your daughters? The similarities are strikingly obvious, so wouldn’t it be more fun to take things to a higher level and wear matching wardrobe? Imagine looking back at those photos and cherishing the memories one day when your little one grows up.

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Fashion should be an extension of your personality, so why not extend it to your offspring as well? There are plenty of situations which pose perfect opportunities for matching dress ups. You could organize a photo shoot with your little angel and spend an entire day doing the fun things you usually do together – walking through the park, play dates at the playground or catching up on errands – but all the while sporting identical outfits and have all of that documented in loving photography. You don’t have to spend a lot of time (or money) looking for matching outfits at the mall, you could browse for them online at sites like where you can find anything from dresses to coats and jackets for your little ones.

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The absolute top choice would be a themed birthday party for your little princess. You can throw it in your own backyard or at a fancy venue which complements the theme. It may be your daughter’s favorite cartoon or it can be inspired by her most favorable fairy tale – the point is to recreate the setting of the story and introduce as many authentic details as possible. Your daughter is surely going to be the princess and the epicenter of the event, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress like a princess as well.

There’s nothing as cute as having a mother and her daughter wear matching puffy-skirt dresses in complementary pastel shades, just like Jennifer Lopez did with her daughter Emme at her Home premiere.

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Kids grow up really fast so don’t miss out on the chance to have your darling baby wear the outfits you picked out for her. In a blink of an eye she will grow into her own taste and preferences, probably dubbing your style as old-fashioned and passé. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?

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