Chic Travelling with Jewellery

If life is a book, those who do not travel read only page of the book. They say traveling makes us richer with experiences which we cannot forget throughout our life. So for an experience which you will carry lifelong, it is important that you look your best at any given time. Dressing up chic during any kind of journey can be a very challenging task as you cannot carry your entire wardrobe and taking care of them becomes all the more important.

We all know how important the jewellery and accessories are when it comes to dressing up pretty for a special occasion or just for a casual hang out with friends. These little pieces create magic and enhance our look in a moment. It is very important to take proper care of these beauties to ensure a long life, especially while travelling. Most of us dread to take the expensive pieces with us just to avoid any damage or breakage to our favorite jewels. But we do want to look our best as well, so what possibly could be a solution to this. Here are some pro tips which will ensure that you jazz up yourself well without really damaging any of your baubles.

Choose Well:

Do not pick up anything and everything that you own for your travelling. Be smart and plan on your clothes and the related accessories before you set out. Choose accessories which are not very specific. You might want to consider picking up your most versatile pieces which would go with most of your outfits thereby reducing the number of items yet again.

Pack Well:

Packing the jewellery well is most important. Sliding your jewellery pieces into the side pockets or tiny corners of your bag is the worst thing to do. Consider buying a tough box or case which would make sure that your jewellery is not damaged by a jerk. Once the outside protection is taken care of, make sure that each piece individually is also protected from internal scratching (with each other). Wrap the individual pieces in a soft velvet pouches and you are set to go. In case you are carrying some really expensive jewellery pieces, make sure you insure them before you leave.

Travel Well:

Now that everything is set, the last and final thing while you are on your ways is to take care of the bag you have put your jewellery in, In case you are travelling by flight, keep your jewellery safe with you in the cabin baggage. Try and avoid wearing any heavy pieces during the time of travel, for a carefree journey. Once you reach the destination, get ready your prettiest and blow ‘em all away.
Follow these tips to ensure a carefree vacation while looking fab!

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