Majestic and Elegant Wedding Surprises

My close friend’s wedding was near to come and I was in great worries. Because I had not decided anything to present him. It’s easy to shop different decoration pieces, cards of well wishes and dresses. But I wanted to surprise something unexpected and wow-worthy. I discussed different ideas with my friends but I didn’t find anything special. Because this wedding was not of casual acquaintance, it was quite special for me.

Most Covered Gifts:

Wedding season was started and everyonewas shopping wedding gifts for their loved ones. And I was of them who was wandering like a foolish but never found anything special. All were traditional wedding gifts, from kitchen to bedroom items. So came back empty handed.

My friends were buying the below mentioned items:


I thought to buy some unique paintings, because my friend was quite interested in art work. It’s also a serene gift to present and especially when recipient love the gift of that kind. Some bought abstract art paintings and some liked to buy landscape paintings.

Floral Gifts:

As a saying go ‘say it with flower’. And off course people have been saying it with their pure affection and love. After all flowers are the means to express your emotions, love and extra care. This kind of gift is also a symbol of romance and sympathy. So I think everyone love flowers. Especially red roses are awesome attention seekers. These flowers were of special kinds. Some were presenting Arum, which symbolizes intense feeling of love. Aster, which symbolizes delicacy. Baby’s Breath, which is a symbol of purity of heart and innocence. Balsam show fervent love. And some were presenting Caladium which shows immense delight and joy. And one friend was presenting Dandelion, which is a symbol of happiness and faithfulness.


Perfumes are no doubt a great way to show your love and affection. But it’s important to buy a perfume of your recipient choice. You can choose sparkle, escape, next and any latest in trend.

Decorative Items:

There was lot more decorative items in market. My friends selected beautiful table lamps, two big sized coffee cups, a candle stand and a delicate box filled with cookies and sweet eatables. One close friend bought a big sized wall clock that was covering not only the half portion of wall but also one corner of room.

Big- Ticket Gift:

If you are enjoying luxurious budget, you can easily afford the tickets of the couple. Like my friend, he offered the 2 return tickets of Australia. That was definitely a big and amazing gift which every one cannot afford.

My Gift:

After this long observation finally I decided to buy something exclusive and extra ordinary. Then one night when I was browsing on the internet, I found different sites who were offering online gift items. I got an awesome idea to buyaheart shaped wedding special printed canvas which has a wow-worthy look from online photo printing which were offering affordable services on buying their unique items.I felt quite relaxed because they released my tension. And when I presented that gift, I felt much honored and appreciated.

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