Palazzos: The Best Thing to Happen to Girls this Season

Fashion trends for the girls keep changing very frequently.  We generally see the girls donning capris and jeans as if it were their next skin.  We see them wearing the jeans practically for all occasions and all purposes.  Whether it is to college or to for a movie or an outing or an occasion, they infallibly turn up in jeans…whichever colour they possess.  Here’s something that has come in like a breath of fresh air…yes, the palazzos!


Also called the wide-leg trousers, palazzos are ‘70s inspired.  The kind of range that is available in the segment is absolutely amazing!! You have the neutrals that are office appropriate and sleek, and then you have the casual prints and block prints available in them too.  In short, it is a revival of the past glory and a big blessing to beat the sultry summers!

Here are the top five reasons as to why one would choose Palazzos and give them a place in my wardrobe:


Comfort:  The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Palazzo is the loose fit.  This loose fit gives ample room for the person who is wearing it and there is no restriction in movement at all.  So, whatever be the action you wish to do after wearing the palazzo you can do it with great aplomb.

Absolutely trendy:  Though this garment is a thing of the past, it has been welcomed with open arms and we have a diverse range of palazzos now available in the markets.  They can be worn with kurtis giving it a traditional touch.  They can be worn with tops giving it a western touch and they can be worn with crop tops too, giving it a slightly ‘fast’ touch.  You can get the perfect look…a look of sophistication and style in one go!

Suits all occasions:  If there is another garment that would fit to be worn for all occasions, then it definitely is the palazzos after the jeans or denims.  Depending upon the kind of occasion you are going to be a part of, you can couple your palazzos with a traditional kurti or a top or a crop top or a sleeveless top or a tank top.


Vast variety:  There is amazing variety in palazzos that one can choose from.  Right from the fit to the shapes to the flare and the colors and the prints…sky is the limit.  We have palazzos that look like wide skirts.  There are palazzos that have a straight fit and a narrow ankle.  There are plain palazzos and printed palazzos.  So, all you have to do is identify the type that best suits you and invest in them to look absolutely trendy and hot this season.

Ideal for different seasons:  When you choose the cotton palazzos they are ideal for summer wear.  When you choose the satin ones, they are ideal for winter wear.  Additionally, you can couple it with a coat or a vest or a fitted jacket during the winters and feel the warmth too.

All in all, the palazzos are definitely here to stay for a long time to come and are the best things to have happened to girls!

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