is probably the most prominent website that brought e-commerce to the common man. Although there were other sites that offered goods in exchange for money paid online, Amazon was one of the popular sites that really promoted the concept of online shopping. Amazon started by selling books over the Internet, but it soon diversified immensely to the extent that you can get almost anything on Amazon today. It has grown from being an online book shop to becoming a major e-commerce platform for worldwide trade. But what does this mean to the common man and woman who use the site today for shopping? One of the main benefits is the amount of money that you can save while shopping at Amazon.


Shopping Offers and Deals :

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Some of the cost savings of using Amazon for shopping are apparent and obvious to everyone. Since the site sells a wide range of items, you can buy many of the goods you need from one source which can save you a lot of time, effort and money. But many of the other ways in which you can save money while shopping at Amazon is not known to many people. We will therefore explore a few ways in which you can save quite a lot of money, as listed below:

  • Look for Today’s Deal
  • Use the FREE Super Saver Shipping feature
  • Use Amazon Discount Codes
  • Search for Promotional Codes
  • Subscribe to Newsletters for Discount codes
  • Visit Forums for Discount codes
  • Prepare a list of Websites/Blogs on Discount codes

Today’s Deal

The Amazon site has a link called Today’s Deals right at the top of the page. Click this link to find out the best deals offered for the day. The items offered here often carry a discount worth hundreds of dollars. So before proceeding to the other sections of the site, you can take a quick peek here to see if the item for the day would be of interest to you. Although not all the items featured here may interest you, when the item you are interested in does get listed, you can grab it for a huge discount.


FREE Super Saver Shipping

Many of the items sold on Amazon are eligible for free shipping. You will find this mentioned just next to the price of the product. In order to take advantage this feature, the total cost of the items in your shopping cart should exceed $25. Then when you check out, you need to select “Super Saver Shipping” in the shipping option column. Once the order is placed, the product will be delivered normally within 5 to 9 business days. This feature is available only for shipping addresses in the US. But it is a great way to save a lot of money on shipping.

Amazon Discount Codes

Amazon discount codes are available for a large number of items sold on the site. These codes can be used while purchasing products through Amazon and the discount would be applied to the original price of the item. These discounts are available for a wide range of books, CDs and DVDs sold on Amazon. These discounts are available especially when you buy combo offers and entire sets of books written by a single author. The discounts apply to many used products like text books also which is a very useful feature for students. Popular electronic items like MP3 players and TVs can also be purchased at lower prices with discount codes. Baby products, personal items and even plumbing fixtures have been added to this list. During certain special seasons, discounts are offered for a much wider range of products. Especially during Christmas and New Year, you can find a large number of discounts being offered on a huge range of products available through Amazon.

Search for Promotional Codes

Many of the discount and promotional codes for products sold on Amazon can be found in a variety of places. Many magazines and newspapers carry these promotional codes within their pages. Many websites on the Internet also feature Amazon promotional codes for a variety of products. You can use Google or any other search engine to find these promotional codes online.

Subscribe to Newsletters for Discount codes

A number of newsletters carry Amazon discount codes. You might be able to find a number of them online. You might also find some offline newsletters carrying information on these discount codes. When you subscribe to them, you will get regular updates on promotional codes and the latest hot deals on Amazon. This can be a valuable source of information to help you save a lot of money while shopping online.

Visit Forums for Discount codes

There are a number of forums online which cover a multitude of topics. There are online forums on virtually every topic under the sun. There are a number of them devoted to the subject of some of the best sources for discount codes for shopping on Amazon. Huge numbers of people share their knowledge on where these codes are available so that you can benefit from that information. Online forums can therefore be a great source of inside information on where to find these discount codes.

Prepare a list of Websites/Blogs on Discount codes

Apart from many of the online sources for discount codes mentioned above, many individuals share this information on their personal websites and blogs as well. You will be able to find thousands of websites and blogs on the Internet devoted to the topic of Amazon discount codes and where to find them. You can in fact compile a list of these sources once and then use them regularly to find discount codes for Amazon products on a regular basis.

Most people shopping on Amazon never know about all these saving opportunities and therefore end up paying the listed price for the products that they purchase from the site. But you can use the strategies listed above to get a lot of insider’s information which will help you save a huge amount of money when you purchase products from this popular Internet store.

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