How to Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship Day has been celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year since 1935. This year it is to be celebrated on August 4. The day is meant to honour friends and friendship and gives you an opportunity to express how much you care for and appreciate your friends. It is a day to rejoice one of the best and unique human bonds of togetherness- friendship. Celebrating Friendship Day denotes that we always love to be surrounded by friends and would like to remain that way forever, avoiding all misunderstandings. People mark the day by meeting their friends and exchanging gifts and flowers. Some people plan events and get together with friends to make the day memorable.

friendshipday_specialHow to Celebrate Friendship Day

The best way to celebrate this day is to spend the maximum time possible with your friends. You can plan an outdoor activity such as a picnic at nearby tourist spot or a lunch at the favourite restaurant of your circle of friends on this day. Moreover, an outdoor sport -trekking, swimming, beach volleyball, a cricket match or any other activity in the company of your best friends can make your day more memorable and an action-packed one. You can also plan a small party to have a blast with your friends on Friendship Day. However, this needs a little effort and planning, as you need to arrange everything properly. Also you need to inform your friends in advance in order to avoid any chaos. Once you have informed your pals, decide the venue, what to play on the jukebox and the menu. Decorate the venue with some pictures of your friends to bring back good old memories.

Tips for a Friendship Day Party

  • Design a special invitation card including some friendship quotes
  • Hang an attractive banner displaying “Happy Friendship Day” at the entrance to the party hall
  • Make sure that the entire party is aimed at honouring the friendship that you share with your friends to enhance the mood of the party
  • Ask all of your friends to follow some dress code (matching clothes or the same colour for all)
  • Keep the camera on to capture the precious moments related to this special Friendship Day party.

Friendship Day Gifts

Gifts make the relation stronger as these are tangible things that create memories for the future. It is not necessary to buy an expensive item for the occasion; even a small thing can create wonders. All you need to do is to choose something wisely after considering the interests and likings of your friends. A friendship band is counted among the best gifts for friendship day as it is made especially for friends. It denotes a commitment of being with your friends forever. Friendship flowers such as yellow roses can also form a good gift for friendship day. Apart from this, a personalized greeting card, imprinted with the photos of your friends and a personal message expressing your love and appreciation for them could also be an appreciated choice for the friendship day gift.

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