Comfortable Protective Clothing Makes All the Difference

When you are out in nature, there is a sense of peace that comes from the surroundings that can calm a troubled soul. The peace, beauty & stillness of the outdoors entice all of us to some degree whether we are into outdoor sports or not.

However, in order to truly enjoy the natural surroundings, it helps to have the right clothing for the type of outdoor activity you are participating in. You may love snow skiing, but if you don’t have a warm enough jacket, your ability to enjoy the experience skiing down the mountain is going to be severely hampered by the coldness you feel and the numbness you feel in various parts of your body.

So when purchasing any type of outdoor gear, get brand recommendations for that particular type of outdoor activity and make sure you have comfortable protective clothing for the elements and to make sure your enjoyment of nature and the outdoors is not hampered by the weather.

The following list represents some outdoor activities and the types of clothing associated with them.


If you have a passion for golf, then you know that what you wear to the course is just as important as where you hit the ball. You wouldn’t see Tiger Woods show up to a golf tournament in old torn jeans and a wrinkled t-shirt, would you? In golf, image is everything.

Protective ClothingGolf shirts and polo’s provide you with the comfort you need in an athletic top while looking classy at the same time. Polo and golf shirts are available for both men and women from many popular brands including Port Authority, Nike Golf, Ogio, and Sport-Tek.

Hiking, Running & Climbing

Hikers, runners & climbers all require comfortable, protective clothing to get them through vigorous and strenuous activities. For all of these, you’ve got to have the proper footwear, whether its hiking boots, comfortable running shoes or specialized climbing gear for your feet and hands. In addition, you may need thick hiking socks for added foot comfort or lightweight breathable athletic tops to keep you cooler. Whether you are an avid hiker or a professional runner, check out various types of athletic apparel brands for top quality protection and comfort.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiers & snowboarders all know that some of the best days on the slopes happen to be some of the coldest. If you have the right protection, you will enjoy your time immensely and the cold weather will not slow you down nor inhibit your ability to have fun in the snow. For this, you will need thermal underwear, hats, gloves, scarfs, socks, coats and jackets.

There are obviously many other kinds of outdoor sports from ice skating, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, tennis, fishing, racquetball, water skiing and much more. There is gear and special clothing for every type of activity that you can think of. The point of it all is to bring greater enjoyment to our lives. Live life to the fullest and don’t let your clothing (or lack of it) get in the way.

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