Top Colors for this Season’s Leather Jacket

The secret to putting together a great outfit is to come up with innovative ideas and mix things up in order to keep your look interesting. Having said that it must be kept in mind that one must know how to mix things up. It takes some amount of great fashion and aesthetic sense to try out various new combinations and pull them off effortlessly. While putting together an outfit one thing should go well with the other. Here are some awesome outfit ideas that you can use when you are outdoors. Leather jackets are a great attire whether you are indoors or outdoors. It works well for getting a relaxed and casual look and also works in some formal cases as well. It is one of the best jackets that one can wear when outdoors at parties.

The Black:

Although black leather jackets are a classic from the beginning of leather jackets, there are more colors available as well. Some people find it convenient to get black as it goes with almost any color and you can wear it as often as you want. These days especially there is a variety of colors available. Celebrities are often seen wearing very unique colored jackets. These colored leather jackets combined with the right clothes can work very well in your favor.

Red and Olive:

For girls the new colors include red, olive, pink, blue and even yellow! Today it is all about wearing something classy and bright to keep your look alive and not at all boring. If you wear a red leather jacket then you can simply wear a white or black plain shirt with jeans or even black leather pants if possible. It is a perfect color to wear at social gatherings. These days’ celebs are seen wearing colored leather jackets like blue with a nice black lace dress. If you are wearing black pants then go for an olive green jacket as it complements the color black very well.


A yellow leather jacket may seem a little out there but if you know what to wear with it you are all good. Wearing a yellow jacket is rather a bold move, so be ready for some heads turning as you walk past them. You will be noticed beyond your imaginations.


If you are trying to give yourself a softer look then pink is definitely a color to go with. A nice dress or even a skirt will do this jacket justice. Pink jacket can also be carried well with skinny jeans. Nevertheless, it is always open to suggestions.

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