Having a concept of the best wedding in the world only comes to authenticity when one holds his function from one of the superlative places in the world.

With endless places to hold the function, the choice lies in the hands of the bride and groom. In the midst of the beaches, resorts and hotels, one would be tempted to have the reception from one place while the honeymoon would be in an absolutely different place.

However, the fun and joy one would have is directly proportional to the resources available since the list of destinations is as many as the sand of the sea.


The Destinations

Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Virgin Islands and Aruba are some of the few places one would have something to write home about when visited.

In general, the above destinations provide exceptional services coupled with hospitable people and a superior climate.

Choosing the destination and Timing

Excellent as they may be, the supposedly best wedding destination may turnout futile if not well planned.

Listening to hullabaloo from the surrounding environment may make one gullible to some diseases. If one’s destination was a place with very many birds that sing for quite long hours, then such a place would become a pain in the neck for his entire wedding.

On the other hand, if one visited a place at an erroneous time of the year, it might be counted as a total loss. Florida for example is flooded with college kids during February and March and yet from June to November is a hurricane season.

ESTA, a very important prerequisite for guests to the USA may hamper some people from organizing their functions in the states of America. It is therefore imperative that one looks into this as he plans his destination for the wedding.

About some of the destinations

Florida: It has a sunny weather and beautiful beaches and is likely to be cheaper and easier for the visitors that would be hosted. Outdoor sports like golf coupled with famous amusement parks make it an exceptional destination for its tourists despite ESTA. Preparation for a wedding will also stop if the destination for the wedding is Florida as it is endowed with all in one function providers. Gifted with magnificent resorts and hotels, Florida can host the ceremony and reception which would be crowned up with the honeymoon at one of its beaches. Above all, wedding planners who could get for you all the services such as photographers and public address system among others are in the vicinity.

Mexico: The warm weather in its resort cities Cancun and Puerto Vallarta coupled with its spicy food have all given the destination an evident stake. Blessed with a number of developments, Mexico beach among others has seashore cottages, holiday homes and parks. Above all, when it comes to dawn, one would have a ample space to elevate a tent or hat.

Hawaii: If the no passport, no entry slogan is the failure to some of your important guests attending the wedding, then your ultimate destination is Hawaii. Such flexibility will be supplemented with the Hawaiian culture that will even make the function more vivid. Above all, Hawaii has six elegant islands; Maui, Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai which are in the circumvented by fantastic scenery. Together with one’s fiancée, matrimony in this ancient volcanic scenery accompanied by the culture and lavish resorts will simply leave the couple with a story to write home about.

Dominican Republic: Positioned on the Island of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic has a number of resorts to choose from. It is a small Caribbean nation with destination wedding packages that will fulfil your dream wedding. In addition to the wide space available that can accommodate a reasonable number of visitors, Dominican Republic resorts are affordable. Dominican Republic resorts simply offer the foundation for leisure, adventure and romance.

Puerto Rico: Just like Hawaii, passport issues are not a prerequisite to entry. Its tropical lifestyle has also made it even a better wedding destination. If a couple’s furthermost wedding interest lies in romance and relaxation, then Puerto Rico will be their final destination for the wedding. Furthermore, delight seekers ranging from those who derive
their pleasure in water sports to those who draw theirs from sunbathing will all be in a home far away from home.

Jamaica: Moving from being a vacation spot, Jamaica is now a wedding destination due to its extremely blue waters and vibrant local customs. This is an all in one destination comprising a diversity of pleasurable points that one can take advantage of during and after the wedding. It is blessed with craft markets and historic sites such as museums which all add to the luxurious resorts and gardens where a remarkable wedding can be held from.


Virgin Islands: It is important that you first make an agreement with your guests before you schedule your function at these Islands because it might turn out to be difficult to come to a consensus whether they should observe the awesome white sandy beaches or be mindful about the wedding. In addition to that, an awesome experience will surely be realized if what you expect is what is surely on ground if not even better. A good wedding planner is an obligation at these islands who decides on important matters like mode of transport. Once well organized, a wedding at these islands will be one of the most unique among others.

Aruba: In the picture of the wedding, Aruba’s failure to have rainfall for almost the entire year is of great advantage. In this way, one would remain comfortable knowing that there are less chances of disruption due to rain. Amongst the Caribbean Islands, Aruba offers the most hygienic and fascinating holiday in modern times. Aruba has all the convenience one would need in a home setting.


With such a vast number of destinations for the wedding, it is only one’s resources that might be a limiting factor. Otherwise, what has been mentioned is simply the tip of the iceberg

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