The Modern On-Screen Wedding

Wedding videography documents the most special and magical day for couples. The product of this novel video production is what is now more popularly known as the modern on-screen wedding. The video of the wedding of Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton, is perhaps the most viewed on-screen wedding. It is the supreme proof of the reach of the medium. The whole world was given a glimpse of the pomp and circumstances of that royal wedding via a video.

The number of registered marriages in Australia has been steadily increasing since 2011 reaching 123,244 in 2012, the highest number of marriages in a single year as per data of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  The number is expected to increase steadily in the coming years in spite of the rising cost of weddings.

It is estimated that an average traditional wedding costs around $49,202 at 2008 prices, the biggest slice of the cost going to the reception. This astronomical cost of traditional weddings is the reason for the growing popularity of destination weddings usually held in exotic locations.  The number of guests in a destination wedding is, often times, limited by the distance and cost of travel and accommodation.

 But what if the most important family and friends of a bridal couple can’t come to the wedding because of such limitations? Thanks to wedding videos this is becoming less of a problem. The special moment can still be shared with them with a video that captures the wedding memories in living color.

The most common wedding video styles

The video resulting from wedding videography can come in different styles ranging from the traditional to cinematic or journalistic depending on the couple’s preference. The important thing is for the wedding video to capture the event flawlessly  – with all the drama, mood, atmosphere and color of the day, and everything else that the bride and groom want to immortalize.  The most common video styles for weddings are:

Traditional – This usually starts with a montage of “baby” pictures and ends with coverage of the reception with some greetings from guests.

Journalistic – Is a coverage or documentation of the event as it happens edited for smooth continuity.

Cinematic – This differs from a journalistic video in drama and mood. The final output of such documentation has a film or movie effect.

 There is also a “story telling” video that contains pre-recorded sound bites from the bride and groom added to the video’s sound track to make the video more personal and dramatic. However, wedding videographers are not limited to these styles. Some produce a combination of styles with even a montage of photos of the wedding highlights. Most videographers offer their services in packages such as a silver or gold wedding video package where the difference in price lies in the number of videographers and cameras used for the coverage.

The choice of a wedding videographer to cover the perfect wedding is therefore of paramount importance to ensure that the video perfectly depicts the perfect wedding, whether it’s a traditional or destination wedding. Obviously, budget is a constraint, but there are wedding videographers that can provide excellent coverage with an awesome final product to the couple’s precise specification. Cost will depend on the style, length of the edited video as well as the coverage, and number of videographers and cameras and sometimes, even in the type of cameras used.

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