Shopping Savvy: How to Keep Last Minute Gifts Onhand

Gift giving occasions happen all year long. There are birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, and the list goes on and on. Being prepared with a gift to give at the last minute is easy to do if you know how to prepare all along the year. Keeping items on hand is a great way to handle those last minute invites or if you forget to get the gift until the last minute. Take a look at these few tips to help you stay prepared for any gift giving occasion.

Shop Through The Year

For those people that are closest to you, you typically know when their birthdays and anniversaries are. If you shop along the way throughout the year, you are prepared for their special day. This could mean finding items when you are out and about or if you see something that just hits you as the perfect item for them. Keeping them in mind when you know you need a gift is a great way to have gifts on hand when you need them.

Gifts OnhandOrder Online

Last minute gifts can typically be ordered online and shipped same day or next day. There are some places that can make sure your recipient gets their gift in the same day you order it. That way you know their gift is going to get to them and that they will enjoy it. Working with websites that ship fast is a great way to have their gift to them on time. You can also find items online that you won’t typically find in the stores.

Watch Out For Sales

Watch out for big discounted sales several times throughout the year. Toys, for example, typically go on sale before and after Christmas. The stores have ordered a lot of extra items and they do not always sell. In that case you can find great discounts and have them stocked up in your closet for last minute gift ideas. Other items that have good discounts are bath and home items. The stores typically have semi-annual sales and you can get great prices on your favorite items to give out.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always great last minute gift items. You can get easily grab a gift card to your friend or family members favorite store on the way to the party. This allows them to get exactly what they want and you to have a great gift in hand. You can also keep a few on hand for places like restaurants or malls. This will allow you to have one quickly if you need it. Remember to look up the fees on your purchased gift card. Some cards do not charge fees while others will if it is not used within a certain amount of time.

These are just a few ways you can keep up with those last minute gift needs. Shop sales throughout the year so you have just what you need on hand. Be sure to watch out for deep discounts and consider keeping a few gift cards on hand for special occasions. Stay ready for all your party invites by creating yourself a gift closet!

Keep Sasha Wilson’s last minute gift guide on hand so that you are always ready for your next party or event. You will be able to have a great gift without stressing out!

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