Hairstyling Tricks Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to women and hair, they tend to be best friends and worst fiends. A good hairstyle is a crown on a woman’s head, but what happens when we get up and see that that gorgeous yesterday’s style is gone? No, we do not scream. Rather than that, we say: well, I can deal with this, I have learned some tricks. In the following few paragraphs you will find three hairstyling tricks every woman should know.

beauty-hairHow to make curls?

Since curls are the top favorite hairstyle in salons, here is what you need to learn about them. When you wash your hair, start blowing it with a hair blower and prepare your curling iron. Now, instead of using the iron clamp, you should use your iron as a “curling wand” in order to achieve straighter ends and a more casual feel. If you have thick hair, you can keep it on the iron more than 10 seconds. After you have repeated the procedure with all the sections of your hair, comb through with your fingers and you get natural curly look. After this procedure, you can say that you “woke up this way”!

How to DIY blowouts

The second most wanted look are decent blowouts. It all starts with quick-drying your hair – you must never start with soaking-wet hair – and save yourself the effort and the nerves. Quick-dry the ends first and move around the hair using your fingers. Divide your hair into sections and using Cloud Nine croc clips keep the sections separate. Start blowing one section at a time using the dryer and a blow dry boar bristle brush. Blow them from the root of the hair, going all the way until the ends. You may have to repeat the action a few times to achieve bigger volume. After you have finished, you will no longer need to use the hair-straightener nor the curling iron. All you need for love is your dryer and your boar bristle brush.

How to braid a fishtail?

Since basic plaits are boring, here is what you should do to make a fishtail. Many girls think that their hair needs to be perfectly clean for a fishtail. Before you begin, dry your hair and put some hairspray onto it so that it does not fly around, and do not use brush. Separate your hair into two parts, use your index finger to pull out a small section of hair from near your ear and cross it over to the next section (pull sections from underneath to achieve a scaly look). Repeat the action until you reach the ends. Even if sections fall out of the braid, this is a good thing, since it gives the hairstyle an effortless feel. It does not need to be perfect.

And finally, once you start practicing you will see that eventually it becomes a routine. All you need to do is to repeat the action and you will perfect it. After all, repetition is the mother of learning. Do not be afraid to experiment from time to time, and change your hairstyle a bit.

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