Glowing Skin: How to get it with the right diet?

Who wouldn’t love to have a glowing skin? In fact, when taken appropriate care, your skin will not reveal your chronological age too. You can look many years younger than your actual age. How can you get that special glow on your skin? Have you ever thought about what you need to do in order to look ten years younger than your age? It is very much possible to look younger when you have a youthful skin. But, most important of all, you need to eat RIGHT. Yes, that is the success mantra! Let us see what foods you can have to get glowing skin.


You definitely will wish to have something that is readily available at home or in the market.

Hydrate your body: First and foremost, you need to make it a habit to drink copious amounts of water. By copious amounts we do not means litres of water at one go. You have to space out your water intake too and minimize it as the day comes to an end. Ensure that you consume around 6-8 glasses of water daily. When you drink lots of water, the toxins are believed to get out of the body by way of urine or by way of sweat. In fact, a right amount of water intake is also believed to reduce bad body odour and bad breath too. When drinking water can bring in so many benefits along with giving you a glowing and radiant skin, why not inculcate the habit from today itself?


Eat fresh salads: Carrot and Cucumber are found to have a wonderful and magical effect on the skin. When they are consumed raw in the form of salads, they provide the body with the right kinds of nutrients which in turn act on the skin. Remember, that the vegetables are ideal to be consumed in the raw form rather than in the juice form. When they are consumed in the raw form, they are believed to have more fiber content than when in the juice form.

Eat fresh salads

Avoid White Bread: Bread is made out of refined flour. Anything that is made out of refined flour is considered to be bad for the skin. Take for example, the pastries. They are extremely high on their calorific value as they have generous amounts of cream laden on them. For many of the adolescents, consumption of such heavy calorie, sweet items will cause pimples to erupt on the face too. They find it absolutely challenging to overcome the temptation to eat, they cannot resist and hence they give in and gorge on the pastries.

Say NO to processed and packaged foods: Yes, all packaged foods are deep-fried and these items are high on calorie count too. Next time when you feel hungry, rather than groping your hand for processed foods, go pick up a fresh fruit or whole grain bread or brown bread.

packaged foods

Follow these simple tips for a month, and you can very soon see compliments being showered your way! And yes, do not forget to moisturize your skin as it will keep the suppleness of the skin intact!

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