5 Celebrities That Rock Latest Fashion Trends

Is it us or are the latest trends catching up real fast, at least judging by the celebrity vibe out in the streets?

We already have our celebrity crushes and it’s only natural we’ll follow their latest obsessions, trying to copy them as better as possible (guilty!). Given we’re such keen observers, we couldn’t help but notice that the switch in their fashion choices has taken its spin, and it’s looking absolutely fabulous! Both female and male celebrities have embraced fashion as a manner of their individual expression, obviously – while some of them are actually working in fashion and learning fashion tricks from the best, others are just naturally gifted to chic-bomb us all the way.


Kendall Jenner

Talking about youthful chic and fashion simply cannot go without the gorgeous Kendall Jenner. The reality TV star has been working on her modeling career since her early age, and she strongly prides on her work ethics and hard dedication to getting where she is now. She stuns on the runway and outside of it, with her rather unique and edgy style that’s more NY than her native LA.

She’ll be the first to wear the latest fashion trends and turn them into globally accepted styles, but she always keeps it tasteful and moderate. From cropped tops, to sheer pieces, high-waist pants, blazers and edgy cuts and prints, this girl knows how to sell a style! We love you, Ken! Thanks for being our fashion guru!


Harry Styles

Ah, are you blushing already? ‘Cos we are! The young and talented One Direction superstar is everything a celebrity should be – he is talented, well mannered, cultured, ambitious, successful, incredibly sweet and has a smile that can lighten up a room! His interest in fashion is evident, as his looks are always spot on and trendy.

While many a male celebrity has adopted the laid back, almost-bohemian artistic vibe style-wise, Harry is pulling it off so superbly that guys everywhere are looking to copy it. His ripped jeans, tailored blazers paired up with laid back sneakers or hats, the chill blouses and edgy accessories like handmade leather goods and hats are definitely putting him on our fashion radar! Oh and… have you notices? His last name is Style-s. Coincidence? We don’t think so!


Selena Gomez

From a Disney princess to a gorgeous woman, Selena Gomez has gone from sweet to smokin’ in (seemingly) no time! Judging by her style, Selena is embracing the woman within, showing off her sculpted legs and her amazing figure in her feminine dresses.

Her style is feminine yet daring, with plenty of colorful combinations and patterns she loves to mix and match. Ms Gomez is no stranger to low cuts and deep slits either, and it’s working out perfectly for her! You go, Selena! Rock that amazing face, girl!


Tom Hardy

Well, well… Mr Hardy. If your ovaries aren’t skipping a beat to the mention of this gorgeous man, then there’s something wrong with you, seriously!
Known for his charm, edge and an energy that you’ll hardly meet twice in your life, Hardy is not only a super talented actor but a fashion icon, also. He was among the first male celebs to start rocking tattoos, hair sleek back and a beard that testifies of mischief and rebellion.

This Hollywood face can so easily go from a vagabond to a suited up gentleman, embracing his amazing body and tailored suits that fit like a glove. He is the king of a rather mature fashion style and a picture perfect of what a styled man should like. Yes, we’re definitely crushing on him!


Gigi Hadid

This breath-taking model is definitely a fashion inspiration! Much like her BFF Kendall Jenner, Ms Hadid is embracing the NY vibe and channeling it after her own tastes.


She is known for her laid back chic style that’s working out perfectly for her and isn’t afraid to switch it up. From oversized coats that work perfectly with her slim figure, to edgy stripes and prints, youthful twists on colors and cuts, this blonde stunner is positioning herself as a trendsetter, no doubt!

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