Funeral Flowers an Important Gesture


Flowers are acceptable during most occasions. Be it a happy occasion such as a wedding or a sad one such as a funeral. It is also widely accepted across various cultures, traditions and religions. When someone you love dies, sending the family flowers can show that you really miss them; it can bring the family great comfort and is an expression of compassion.

A funeral flower arrangement is traditionally a standing arrangement of flowers in a bouquet. The flowers are arranged one sided and in a shape of a fan. The flowers are mostly laid on a casket and hence they need to be arranged to be visibly distributed.


It is also essential to keep in mind some important facts before you choose your flowers to send them to the funeral.

  • Choice of Color: Stay away from sending bright and radiant flowers for this occasion. The idea is to send flowers that are appropriate to convey condolences and sympathy at the funeral. Flowers such as lily, carnation, gladioli can be a good choice. Blue represent certain calmness and is suitable for this event.
  • Your Nearness With the Departed: Keep in mind the relationship you had with the deceased, and how the family might receive the flowers. If you were to know the color the late person would have loved, that can be a good option to go with too.
  • Age: Consider the age of the person too. If it’s young one then you could pick flower arrangement with subtle cartoons tastefully arranged in them. If it’s an older person or one that lived a long life, its best to go traditional on the arrangement of flowers, choose a simple and standard basket and the flowers along with the stems to be prolonged and prominent.
  • Religion: Please do consider the religion when sending flowers. There are some religions that do not consider flowers as appropriate during a funeral, while many are tolerant of flowers and view them as a gesture of sympathy. Some religions may not find a flower arrangement that is suitable. Hence it’s worth the while to do a little study into this matter too.
  • Condolences Note: It is vital that you make sure of what note you would like the family of the departed see. A long passage is usually not recommended. It may take away the seriousness of the presentation. If there is a need to send a long letter, it’s best to have this sent separately, not alongside the flowers. A short note of your feelings and reasons for your absence (in case you are not taking the flowers) will suffice. Best to take some time to think of what you’d like to write, it carries a sense of empathy and care. Try to get a simple card to with the message. Some common messages could be used that are sufficient to transfer your emotions to them. It is best to be concise and speak your heart out. However, make sure that the message is no overly elaborate.

Its best to confirm that the flowers are procured from a good local florist and if you chose to order online make it a point to inform them the occasion of the flowers, this way you can save yourself of the disaster of sending in wrong set of bouquet. Subsequently this will be the last compliment to the cherished departed individual with funeral flowers; hence, it is best to plan this well. Make sure that you give a careful thought and do sufficient research on the options before taking a decision.

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