Five Best Grooming Tips

Five Best Grooming Tips

Beard and mustache grooming has never been easy. You can’t just let them grow like they want. You always need to keep attention on your facial hair. Check out these best grooming tips from our specialists at barber shop NYC.

#1 Match your hair to the face shape

Like any wild animal, your facial hair should be in tune with its surroundings. Each beard shape has its own face. After the first month of growth, you can find your ideal beard style. If you have a square shape face, you should keep hair fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides. For round face – grow it longer on the bottom and make it shorter on the sides. For oval face – you are lucky if you have it – you might grow any type of beard!

#2 Simple care

It is especially important to wash your beard regularly if you’ve just started to grow it. In the very beginning of the growing process, beard can be a cause of skin itching, so you can make yourself more harm than good by rubbing, scraping and touching your face all the time. In this case, daily washing prevents skin flaking, and using of the scrub helps to remove dead skin cells. Don’t forget to moisturise your complexion with a cream after scrubbing.

Five Best Grooming Tips

#3 Gently brushing

Yes, sounds creepy, but you really need to do it. Buy a little plastic comb for your hair, brush it very gently to prevent hair loss and breakage; moreover; three-four times per day will be enough to make it look tidy and lank.

#4 Don’t forget about mustache

Keep attention on your mustache as well – if you care only for your beard, it can take a toll on whole your style and make it untidy. Don’t forget to trim mustache and brush it as well.

#5 Fuel up

If you build a house – you use bricks, if you grow a beard – you need vitamins. Your facial hair is made from protein and fats, so provide your body with enough amount of vitamins B3, B9 and B5. Eat more nuts, dairy products, and plenty of green leafy plants as well. These products will totally nourish your beard.

Does it sound simple? Now try to use these simple tips in your beard life.

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